Monday, July 09, 2007

Oooooh have I got a dog story for you all.

As I mentioned before, Sunday I found two starving pups. One is a boxer, one is a great dane.

The boxer had tags, so I was like "Sweet! Get him home, itll be easy to find baby Dane a home, YAY!"

Oh no. Nothing is ever that easy. Called the vet this morning "Oh yeah! Is that a striped boxer? 2 years old? His name is Scrappy! Heres his owners phone number!"
Me "YAY!"
Call the dude "Uuuuuuuh.... That aint my dog."
Me: "Umm... Well, he fits the description from the vet."
Him: "That aint my dog. My dogs in the backyard."
Me: "......."
Him: "Umm, can I get my tags back?"
Me: *click*

Stupid bastard dumped his dog and was too stupid to take off the tags. I would turn him in to animal control, but Id have to give them the puppy, and theyd put him down as a 'surrendered pet.' *sigh*

So I put a message up on the campus message board "FREE Great Dane Puppy" "FREE Boxer Puppy".
Someone called back immediately interested in the boxer for her sons (9 and 13 years old- perfect!).
30 minutes later, someone called from Dallas wanting the Dane, and others at work wanted the Dane too.


*sigh* The woman interested in the boxer didnt show up this afternoon after work like she said she would. Called the Dallas lady back, she cant pick up the Dane until the end of July-- I cant keep them that long, cause Ive got Arnie Puppy already.


On the bright side, a local no-kill shelter Free to Live and a local Boxer rescue group have been great. If I cant find a place for them soon, they have somewhere to go.

Im so sad... Ive got to stop doing this to myself. But then I see this:


Foxy said...

I hope everyone gets a happy ending.

Except for the puppy dumper.

How did Arnie react to these two?

ERV said...

Hes madly in love with them both :) Seriously, not being sarcastic :)
The boxer loves him too-- but the Dane is real possessive of the boxer, and doesnt like Arnie one bit. This makes Arnie love her more, which is HYSTERICAL!

Its *kinda* a zoo here right now...

Torbjörn Larsson said...

"Its *kinda* a zoo here right now..."

Yeah, I bet you imagined the zoothing effect of animals in a different light. :-P

Tara said...

Awwww, so adorable. Poor little pups--hope they find good homes. I'd love the boxer, but with two kids and two dogs of my own, my house is already a zoo.

Hume's Ghost said...

Im so sad... Ive got to stop doing this to myself. But then I see this:

Watching these commercials don't help.

ERV said...

So I was talking with the Great Dane rescue group-- the blue is not a great dane.

That guy wasnt lying about Scrappy being in the backyard.

Scrappy is these guys father. Theyre half boxer, probably half pit, which means Im never going to get them a home.

A girl from work offered to take them in until we could find them real homes. And I might have found a lady who is not scared of a pit/boxer mix (she already has a female mix that she loves to bits).

Its just that all day today, all day yesterday, people were SOOOOOO excited about these two dogs. "That Blue is BEAUTIFUL! And what a personality!" "Oh that boxers brindle is gorgeous! Can I come see him after work?" "I want that boxer so bad! Dont give him away until I get off work!!!!!!!"

The second I mention that they might have pit in them, or when they realize it for themselves, all of a sudden, that wonderful personality magically *goes away*. Quote one woman from a local no kill rescue center that wanted the boxer for herself, not the center "I dont want anything to do with a pit mix anything." This rescue center is filled with adorable pits!! And still shes a complete and utter bitch.

At the very least she put me into contact with the woman who wants a boxer mix. And the Dane Rescue lady was just super-- she was afraid to tell me that the Dane might really be a pit mix, because she was afraid I would be a bitch! We had a fun talk about Breed Specific Legislation. The Dane people are on our side.

Anyway, I cant help but feel like I just should have fucking killed them. Thats what everyone wants. I should have left them on the street to starve like everyone else was doing. What if I cant find them a home? What if this was just a fucking tease "Hey puppies! You might live happily ever after after all!" NOPE! Kill shelter for you because of who your mother is! Doesnt matter if I save them anyway. I was walking home from work and saw two shepherd babies, babies, playing by themselves by a parking lot. Whats it matter?

LOL And poor Arnie doesnt know where his friends went, or why Mom is crying-- vicious beast.

Im going to take Vicodine and cry myself to sleep. No science guys, sorry.

ERV said...

*deep breath*

Rule #1 of Abbie- Dont cry. Just makes you feel worse, and crying doesnt solve any problems... unless your problem is cayanne powder in your eye...

New solution-- call Trailer Joe tomorrow. Tell him I figured out how I got Scrappys tags: I have Scrappys children. Ask him point blank if they were dumped and I need to find them homes, or maybe, just maybe, they are genuine runaways and have owners that miss them very much. Or maybe they WERE dumped and Trailer Joe is pissed and wants them back.

I feel better.

Foxy said...