Thursday, July 05, 2007

Non-functional/Harmful ERVs are _________.

Index to Common Creationist Claims about ERVs

If you know the appropriate response to 'ERVs are functional' you will undoubtedly see its Siamese Twin Creationist Claim: 'Non-functional/Harmful ERVs are _________.'

The blank can be a variety of things.

  • The result of The Fall.
  • The result of The Flood.
  • They used to be useful, but arent needed anymore.
  • They have some hidden use that scientists havent found yet (such as a 'built in vaccine'- which will be covered later).
  • They are tricks embedded by their god to test His Creation.
  • The ever useful 'we cannot know the Designers thoughts'.
  • Conserved non-functional DNA is evidence for a Young Earth, etc.
This Creationist Claim is always in response to the 'ERVs are functional' refutation. Ignoring the philosophical and logical problems with 'answers' like "ERVs are a test!" these claims are ad hoc non-answers-- They do not address the discord between ERVs and Special Creation (common descent, domesticating exogenous genes, etc.), or why this discord does not exist between ERVs and evilution.

If you encounter a ________ youre not sure how to address, please leave a comment!


Ian said...

...genes which will be used to punish future species.

Joe said...

Index link at the top points to a missing page. :-(

ERV said...

Ooops! Fixed!

Richard said...

A variation on the popular "Were you THERE?!" argument:

"YOU have never actually SEEN an endomological retrowhatever thingy. You have to take the word of anti-Christian secular scientists that they exist."

AIGBusted said...

"ERV's are demons who have plotted together to move into the exact same places in the genome, so as to fool us into thinking evolution is true."

-Kent Hovind

h8uall said...

...body thetans, left here by Xenu.