Sunday, July 22, 2007

ID vs ERVs-- Part Fourteen: Harun Yomama

With all the press Harun Yahya has been getting recently with their 'Atlas of Creation', I thought now would be an appropriate time to write a post on Islamic Creationists view of endogenous retroviruses.

Minor problem.

Tried "endogenous retrovirus", "ERV", "retroelement", "transposon", "mobile element", "LINE", "SINE", "Alu"... BINGO!

In fact, one of the best-known pseudogene groups, Alu, had always been regarded as functionless and was only recently proved to serve a purpose after all.
**YAWN!** So Alus arent ERVs, but the same logic applies. One, Alus are associated with disease, not just 'good' magic deity things, and two, Harunalakkahikki hasnt addressed the principle of Alus and evolution.

Alu sequences in primates form a fossil record that is relatively easy to decipher because Alu sequence insertion events have a characteristic signature that is both easy to read and faithfully recorded in the genome from generation to generation. The study of Alu sequences thus reveals details of ancestry because individuals will only share a particular Alu sequence insertion if they have a common sexual ancestor.

Hmmm. This is pretty anti-climactic. Ah well, you can head over to Taner Edis's page to learn more about Islamic Creationism!


Tyler DiPietro said...

Harun Yahabishiwhatever is a familiar figure in the evolution wars. Looking around at his website shows that he's little more than a road company apologist, except his garb is Islamic rather than Christian. He's also managed to peddle the typical creationist pseudomath about "increases" in "information" in the genome.It doesn't surprise me that he's found some funding to spread his garbage, with the creation "museum" opening recently. But then again, my tussle with the 9/11 deniers has left be a bit jaded.

Chris Harrison said...

Countdown to Muslim trolls swarming Abbie's blog, like they did to Razib:


ERV said...

Tyler-- Little known fact about me: Since I grew up so sheltered, the first Creationists I 'debated' were Islamic Creationists. I didnt know any Christian ones :) Both of these individuals were extremely educated men in Canada.

Chris-- hehehehehe! I think that only happened cause Razibs post got picked up by Google News or something like that!