Tuesday, July 17, 2007

I get e-mail-- Tard Edition

In honor of Razib's hysterical IslamoCreationistTrollBot invasion, I thought you all might enjoy some of the emails I got when I had the little ones on PetFinder.

From Stone Wang--

My name is Stone,I saw your classified advert Pet on petfinder classified website and i'm interested in Adoption of your pet.

From diana john--
Good Day
My Name is Diana Jackson I'M FROM {New york } from South Ozone Park City USA .This is jUST TO GET YOU INFORM that am interested in buying your pet that you place on advert on the internet YOU PLAcE THAT YOU NEED TO GET IT SOLD WELL i want to know if the pet is in good condition becasuse i want to buy IT for my daugther SHE JUst LOST HER FORMER PET and she's not happy at home she felt lonely all the times and THAT not good enough I KNOW SHE NEED SOMETHING TO KEEP HER COMPANY SO I DECIDED TO get her a pet so that she can be happy again i want to know tha final asking price , including MORE pictures OF THE PET if available ,you dont have be get worried about the shipping because i have a shipping company from (Picayune MS) that always do pick up for me ,i hope this transaction is ok by you and i want to hear from you as soon as you receive this message so will be willing to hear Good respond from you soon.Thanks and have a blessed Day
Best Regards
Mrs Diana

From jame bobby--
i want to have your pet to my lovely home.........
Hello Dear Sir / Madam,

Good to meet you, My name is jame, I saw your posted ads in petfinder.com for adoption of your pet online and immediately I got so fascinated about having the pet. I am an honest, caring man with the utmost fear of God. Having the pet is like owning a fortune and the thought of it makes my vein leap for joy because i really Love pets.

I will like you to foward to me the Last cost Price so as i can make payment sent to you as soon as possible.I will have a Reputable Pet Pick-up Company come for the Pick-Up as soon as the Payment is Cleared from the Bank. I will email you the Pet Pick-up Company's Email address when you got the payment for the pet.

Payment would be in-terms of MONEY ORDER or CERTIFIED CHECK. So I will prefer you email me back as soon as possible with your details to make the payment. Thanks



Rev. BigDumbChimp said...

This is going to piss you off because you know what breed is more than likely invovled here.

Chris Harrison said...

Where do people that type like that come from?

I'm almost tempted to call bullshit on those letters. It's hard to believe that some people really are that... ahh, what is the word I'm looking for?

grammatically inept?


quantok said...

Hello, am liking your 2 pups very good, they look very cute and tender. I wish to give them good homing and tasty meal for family. WITH family. You post Korea, yes?

Kim Song

ERV said...

hehe Chris, theyre just spammers. 'Buy' your dog, steal your bank account numbers, drain it.