Saturday, July 07, 2007

ERVs are a 'vaccine code'.

Index to Common Creationist Claims about ERVs

This is a specific 'ERVs are functional' subclaim-- That ERVs are somehow 'built in vaccines' placed into genomes by the Designer. Ive seen the following paper used as evidence to support this claim:

Late viral interference induced by transdominant Gag of an endogenous retrovirus

This claim also suffers from the same misapplication of inductive reasoning as its parent claim. A part of an ERV can be a helpful defense against a related exogenous virus means ALL ERVs are 'vaccines'. Yes, parts of endogenous retroviruses that are still active can interfere with infection with related exogenous retroviruses-- Both of those papers involve a virus that has exogenous and endogenous versions (enJSRV vs JSRV). This paper (and related papers) do not hypothsize that every ERV has an antiviral function.

With good reason.

Any ERV proteins that are expressed as your immune system is developing are recognized as 'self'. If a T-cell or a B-cell recognizes this viral protein as 'self', it is killed. Sometimes this can lead to an enhanced infection from exogenous retroviruses, even bacteria, because entire branches of your immune system are killed off!

ERVs are not specially designed 'vaccines.'


Anonymous said...

Hi! Just wanted to say that I love this series. I've tried to send my 2 new creationist posters over here for some extra reading... keep up the good work!

ERV said...

Hey I dont have a monopoly on Creationist ERV claims! Im sure you have some! Write them up on your blog and Ill add them to the list!