Friday, July 13, 2007

Cute Puppies: The Saga Continues

Friday the 13th didnt totally suck for the little ones. Im at least getting help now.

The blue girl (we now call Sammy) has gotten some putative offers, but theyve fallen through in that either the people live in an area where pit mixes are banned, or the parents have been known to chain their dogs.

The brindle boy (whos name is Brutus), has stolen Arnies, the girl whos been helping me, and my heart. He is a DEAR. He knows how to work his eyes to get attention. We all want to keep him, but theres no way I can get another dog, and girl from work already has two...

But Ive found some rescue groups that are actually helping. Theyre helping find potential owners. Theyre doing background checks. One even offered to have their vet check the pups out (I realized I didnt even know if they had heart-worms-- mosquitoes have been unbelievable this year). Though I swear to David Bowie, if these damn dogs have heart-worms I will spontaneously explode.

Oh, and Ive been so stressed about this, my mono has come back. I thought relapses were an old-wives tale.

*sigh* But at least Im getting help. And Ive learned a valuable lesson: I cant do this on my own. This is, hands down, one of the stupidest things Ive ever done. I dont even have a friggen yard! So I have vowed, after I find these two a home, to volunteer with a local rescue center as an outlet for my 'save the puppies' urge, and to never do anything like this again until I have a yard/garage/anything.

Finding them a home has completely consumed my thoughts/actions lately. I promise to get back to science soon... sooner I find them a place, sooner I get back to science posts... just sayin... hehehehe!


The Factician said...

I think Epstein-Barr can lysogenize. Yep, it can come back, and hit you pretty hard.

Good luck.

Hume's Ghost said...

You say "David Bowie" and this is what instantly starts running through my head. Thanks.

"Slime and snails, and puppy dogs tails."

ERV said...

Factician-- My fever has dropped, lymph nodes still killing me... Its okay, though, Im going on vacation soon. To like, home home, which means Arnie has a yard to play in, and I get Moms cooking for a week :)

Hume-- hehehehe crotch...