Saturday, July 14, 2007

Cute Puppies: A Resolution

To quote The Simpsons:

Homer: Marge, Im confused. Is this a happy ending, or a sad ending?
Marge: Its an ending. Thats enough.
The little ones still dont have homes. But the good people at BlueHAWK ** no-kill shelter have offered to take them in. There they are going to get fixed, get checked head-to-toe by a vet, get all their shots, get microchipped, and whoever wants to adopt them has to go through a screening process so the pups are NEVER picked up under similar circumstances again.

So, its not a 'happy ending' (loving home with a college kid who loves to run, or with a mom with two kids that love to play ball...), not a 'sad ending' (one group last night told me to take the brindle on a run at the park, give him a cheese burger, and put him down), but its an ending.

They will find a place. And theyll be taken care of in the mean time, surrounded by other playful dogs. Not a bad deal for two puppies who were starving and dying of thirst in 95 degree weather this time last week.

And it is a happy ending, on my end. I learned a valuable lesson, one that luckily didnt end traumatically, and Ive found a great organization I can volunteer for. Im going to help check out the homes of potential adoptors in the OKC area (make sure they have a fence, house isnt a dog-hazard-pig-sty, etc) and Ill help with adoption days at PetSmart! YAY!

So what little sanity I had this time last week has been crammed back into my head, and we will now return to our regular scheduled programming!


** If any of you folks have an extra $5 lying around (dont we all?), if you scroll down to the bottom of their page they have a PayPal donation button. I need to find a local computer genius to help them with their site layout.

Updated 9.45 PM, 7-14-07-- Blue is meeting a family tomorrow!!!!! FIVE kids to play with! PLEASE dont screw this up Blue-girl! PLEEEEEASE! I checked out mom/dads myspace and they ROCK! ('religion: other' WHOOOO! hehehe!) PLEASE be good, Blue! I want you to have a HOME!!!


Kristjan Wager said...

So, what came out of that meeting?

ERV said...

Ms. Blue is now living in a HUGE house with a HUGE backyard with a HUGE family! Her new Mom sent me camera phone pics of Blue spraaaaawled out on a sofa with her head on her new girls lap.


BUT, Brindle Boy is staying with me now. What the rescue shelter meant by 'well take him' is that they would advertise for him and get him neutered and all his shots. He still doesnt have a place to stay. *sigh* Arnie LOVES IT, but Im stressed to the max.


I look like a badass walking them both down the street, though hehehehehehe!