Saturday, June 23, 2007

Smartest Dog in the Universe? I think not!

Its rare that one has the opportunity to one-up PZ, so Im taking him to task on this one. He thinks hes found the smartest dog in the universe. Evidently he hasnt traveled on I-70 through Missouri! THERE he would have found the smartest dog in the universe: Jim the Wonder Dog.

Basic math? Basic Christian theology? Lame. Check out what Jim could do!

During the next hour we were treated to a remarkable and completely puzzling exhibition of the dog's extraordinary cleverness. "What would I do," Sam asked, "if I had the stomach ache?" Jim wagged his tail, apparently in sympathy, then trotted over to where Dr. Savage, the town physician, was standing. He nudged the doctor gently. The crowd gasped its astonishment, for this was Jim's first visit to our town, and he had no way of knowing one person from another — no visible way, that is.

He could also:
  • Identify cars when given liscence plate numbers
  • Speak Greek, German, French, Spanish, and Morse Code
  • Identify a variety of trees by species
  • Identify members of the audience by their features (black mustache, blue scarf, etc)
  • Predict winners of the World Series and the Kentucky Derby, as well as presidential races
  • Predict the sex of unborn babies

Oh sure, it could just be a parlor trick that Van Arsdale set up to survive through the Depression... But professors from WashU and UM Columbia examined him! Jim must have been the smartest dog in the universe.

PZ really dropped the ball on this one :P

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