Saturday, June 23, 2007

Rated R for all the Wrong Reasons

Tatarize, from the comments at Pharyngula, pointed out that my blog is rated 'R' on an unofficial online quizzy thingie.
Online Dating

Mingle2 - Online Dating

For the words kill (5x), drugs (3x), shit (2x), and dead (1x).

Boo! They must just search your opening page, because I use words much worse than 'shit'-- like my nickname for my favorite person in the universe (which I dont use so much anymore, as someone I want to hire me in 4 years reads this blog :P )

Plus all those words were from those violent Cytotoxic T-Cells and their murderous rampages! I dont just have violence! Here, I have boobies! No violent movie is complete without boobies. I mean common.

Ive got to add more violence, though, this time an explosion. You see, I was overhauling my computer this week... and the motherboard failed. Not at first! Oh I put all my shiny new parts together-- new processor, new memory, new graphics card-- sooooo proud of myself for having not lost my computer skillz since the last time I was elbow deep in computer guts (like, 6 years ago).

So I hit power, everything is running fine........ when I hear a **POP**...... **sssssssssssssssss**

I luckily didnt put the case back together, as I figured Id have to fiddle with something, so I leaned over and noticed a bright flame, billowing with smoke, emanating from my mother board.


Sooooooo, once again, internet use and blogging will be put on hold for the next couple of weeks as I send that motherboard back, install the new one again, cross my fingers it doesnt burst into flames, plus all my experiments... bleh!

Ah well, no internet means I have a lot more time now to read papers, so I shall be inundating you all with science posts soon, instead of posts on psychic dogs hehehe!


Dustin said...

They rated my blog "R" because I said "gay" three times. I'll have you know that if a gentleman engages in various diversionary jocularities and wishes to articulate to his fellows that the experience was "gay", it is his prerogative. Having a gay time is, after all, the purpose of diversionary jocularities and to suggest otherwise is quite rude.

Plus, I've dropped the f-bomb some thirty times, and the rating system didn't even notice.

Ian said...

I got a PG-13 for "gay", "crack" and "cocaine" (hey, I was talking about the ex-gay movement and Rudy Giuliani's SC campaign manager). And Dustin - I think they just check your current front page, not your archives.

As for the flame from your motherboard...that's scary. Worst I've ever done is have a laptop "brick" start to smoke. Ruining a motherboard sucks, but getting an actual flame out of a computer is pretty cool.

Dustin said...

Bahahahaha. My Blog is now NC-17. Thank you Cuisinart!

Hume's Ghost said...

You'd have a better chance of getting on Fox than CNN. It goes like this:

Fox is the worst by far. Various watchdog groups have been documenting Fox's habit of dropping their bottom scroll ticker and header to show of the cleavage of female guests. Back when they were talking about Miss USA they would run on cycle footage of her walking in a bikini while cutting to a 4 panel shot of four women who all looked like they could be Miss USA (one of them was a former Miss USA).

Better you than me, though. I've been told I look like a handsome Screech (from Saved by the Bell.) Two years ago when I was on a resort island in the Caribbean, some natives saw me and starting yelling, "it's Screech!". F@cking. ay.