Saturday, June 02, 2007

A Nicer, Fluffier Atheistic ERV

I promised to stop picking the low fruit and to start being more positive with my atheism, and I totally did it today.

Again, Im sure a lot of you have 'atheism' as a Google News keyword, so you might have seen this article, 'IN THEORY: Why the uptick in atheism?'

You see where I would have freaked out, in the past. Dumb dumb dumb, and insult to injury, a Rabbi. Ugh. Newbie atheists can chomp up his 'questions'-- Does this mean the Rabbi would go around killing people if he didnt think someone was watching him? If religion is so moral, why are so many of the prescribed laws now considered immoral? Why arent the jails filled with atheists? Why is the National Academy of Scientists, the people trying to solve the worlds problems and contributing positively to humanity, predominantly nontheistic? Do watches mate to make baby watches?

These are the times that I love being an atheist that does HIV and cancer research. Being able to 'stick it' to theists who try to play the morality card didnt exactly play into my decision to go into these fields of research, but its a convenient side effect. Heres my response:

I understand the frustration of the responders who have just been called idiots by someone who knows nothing about them except that they are atheists, I encourage you all to be patient with the Rabbi.
Maybe he has never met an 'out' atheist to have these conversations with before. Certainly thats not an excuse for his bigotry, but patiently answering his 'questions' to the best of your ability would be a better response.

-- Abigail, a stupid atheist molecular virologist trying to solve the problems of HIV and cancer because she has no morals
See! I can be good!


Dustin said...

I think that Rabbi is his own punishment. He says he only concerns himself with evil and pain because asking anything about life's other questions comes from a lack of belief.

Sucks to be him. I think about math and getting drunk.

Chris Harrison said...

Yeah right Abbie. We all know that as an evil atheist you're probably only studying HIV in order to systematically infect it into all the goodly Christians out there you you so aggressively despise!

You probably eat small children, too.

: )

RBH said...

When she was good she was very very good, and when she was bad she was snarky. :)

Chris Noble said...

This is one response that I've heard to the idea that without religion humans can have no morals: Would God have been acting morally if he forgot to send an angel to tell Abraham not to sacrifice his son Isaac?