Monday, June 18, 2007


You cant parody Creationism. YOU CANT DO IT. Reality is ALWAYS funnier than ANY parody you can think of.

Example 1: ID/pleasurian science, see Afarensis and Stranger Fruit

Example 2: From my doppelgangers, regarding the stunning silence from ID Creationists on Behes New Bile.

There have been posts in the anti-ID part of the blogosphere that have taken note of a surprising (from their perspective) lack of attention given to Behe's latest book (The Edge of Evolution) among ID blogs.

It is simply a reflection of the fact that a greater number of minds are focused on an issue. It happened in the latter part of the 19th century among Darwinists and is a pattern that has been repeated throughout history. It also explains the decreasing reliance of ID on its founding fathers; accounting for Behe's declining influence among IDists. It is not that he is no longer respected. Only that he has now become one voice among many, albeit still a prominent one.

I dare you to find a parody funnier than that.


Dustin said...

I was actually entertaining the notion of writing some epic bullshit for the ISCID site. That's how I get my giggles. But then I saw
this. How am I supposed to write an ID parody when that is what they take seriously?

Torbjörn Larsson said...


OM ∅! And they let Egnor explain altruism! Another example of the no cloning theorem.

But you left out the funniest part:

diversification of concepts

Right! I hear that Behe now embraces "common descent" (by creation), in effect making him just another theistic evolutionist. Oh, and he also stands for the new poster child of ID, malaria. From the propeller butt to a bloody disease. Other examples of new concepts elude me.

Seen over 10 years, that is some remarkable concept development and diversification!

Torbjörn Larsson said...

Other examples of new concepts elude me.

Oh, I just read your other posts. So I must grudgingly admit that I forgot that ID has some new junk ideas about the genome as well.

But that is probably the extent of it.

Dustin said...

I dare you to find a parody funnier than that.

How about this comment on UD? The one I had absolutely nothing to do with.

(Aside: I'm planning on keeping this up 'till April 1, so don't blow my cover. Keep it on the DL. I'm telling you, though, because it isn't funny unless at least a few people know what I'm up to).

Dustin said...

Oh, and paralepsis has an outstanding dissection of my particular brand of humor.

It's really rare than someone understands exactly what I'm going for in a joke, and that English professor pinpointed all of the carefully planned snark without much effort. I'll never malign English professors ever again.

John said...


"God is within you. It is therefore your sacred duty to show God a good time."

Tee hee hee.

Dustin said...

God, Dembski has it bad. He's over at UD whining that Judge Jones is getting honarary doctorates (which, I'll agree, is a slightly tacky move that looks a little too much like the democratization of the judicial system for my tastes). What's really bad, though, is that he's trying to trivialize the time Jones spent as the head of the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board.

Hah! What a loser, Jones is, rising through the bureaucratic ranks to head up the enforcement of liquor production and licensing! I'll bet, next, we'll learn that he was a manager somewhere before that. It probably gets even better -- I'd put dollars to navy beans that Jones went to law school. What a washout.