Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Blogroll Help

I give up. I officially need a blogroll. Im losing track of all the people I read without my old computer, and I definitely want to make sure Im reading everyone who posts here.


I want a blogroll widget like what PZ has-- where you have a big lists of blogs, but only, say, 10 are displayed at a time, at random on my ERV homepage. I dont like alphabetical favoritism :P


Leave a comment here if you think I should or I do read your blog (new computer, I dont have bookmarks for a couple of weeks!) or if you have a blog-blogger-widget suggestion!


Peggy said... lets you manage your blogroll - random or alphabetical or most recently updated order. Unfortunately it doesn't let you show only a subset of the roll unless you pay for a "Gold" account.

(Thanks for the tag, btw)

Kristjan Wager said...

I'm fairly sure you read my blog.... At least someone is leaving comments in your name on it.

Rev. BigDumbChimp said...

Not sure if you do or don't.

Sterling G. Smith said...

My blog has just started. Maybe you could check it out?
the link is :

Foxy said...

You're always welcome over at FoxMaths or Tyler's and My Scientific and Mathematical Adventure Land :)

Chris Harrison said...

I'm not a very prolific blogger, but I'll toss myself in the ring anyway.

Hume's Ghost said...

Um, I'd rather recommed blogs that I have in my bookmarks.

Glenn Greenwald
Atheist Ethicist
The Vanity Press
3 Quarks Daily"
Notes and Comments

I read a lot more blogs that that but those are usually the ones I check first and that I know best, so I couldn't resist plugging them. Orcinus is, imo, the most underappreciated blog on the internet.

I read a bunch of the Science blogs too, but I figure you're already familiar with those.

ERV said...

Yay! Thanks Peggy! That one might work!

Thank you very much, all!

Oh and Chris, careful how much time you waste on lee merrill. I tried (nicely) to discuss ERVs with him for pages, and he resorted to bald-face lying rather than admitting he was mistaken. I was warned he was a low-life, and I didnt believe it... *sigh*

Jacob Wintersmith said...

Blogrolls are a useful tool for linking to others and creating a sort of community. However, for reading blogs, I think what you really want is a feed aggregator. As the number of blogs you read grows, you save a lot of time by letting your computer check all of them for new posts. It also helps that the aggregator clearly shows you what posts you have already read.

And lastly, Winter's Haven is my home on the net.

Mary said...

I'm happy to give away the code for my blogroll randomizer. There are a few technical hurdles:

- it operates on the OPML file that most newsreaders use -- I use NetNewsWire on my mac.

- it's a little finicky and clumsy to set up. It uses a php script to convert the OPML file into an html file and a binary index into the file. It's not hard, just not pretty.

- you then transfer the two files to your website, so you'll need something like ftp access.

- your blog host needs to support php. You add a simple little php function to your page that sucks in a random subset of your blogroll for display.

PZ said...

This is what happens when I let my wife use my computer. That "Mary" was me, sorry.

ERV said...

hehehe!!! Awww I thought I found another female computer nerd :P

Ill see what blooger lets me do-- they just switched to a different set-up (beta something)!

VWXYNot? said...

I know you read my blog, you tagger you! Everyone else should too, it's awesome.

Blake Stacey said...

If you don't read my site, you'll probably never know if I've gotten around to replying to your tag.

The Factician said...

Yep, I second the vote for a feed aggregator. Ever since MarkH pointed me towards it, my life has been simpler.

I use Google reader, that way it pops up every time I open Safari.

coturnix said...

I have the most monstrous, yet the best Blogroll in town. Bloglines cannot really handle 1000 feeds so well, so I am starting to experiment with Google Reader...

G said...

A bit late, but I now have a blog with some English content. Starting slow and changing the template way too often, but it will turn out ok.

Check it out at: