Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Arnie Puppy: Spawn of Satan

Just so you know, I was asked to post puppy pictures. This isnt just be shamelessly gushing over my awesome dog.


Arnie right after I brought him home and cleaned him up a bit. 35 lbs. Covered in scars. Frost-bitten (parts of his ears are still black-- not pink puppy skin).
Since then, he has done nothing sleep, and play, with lots of eating in between.





To avoid that last 'play', we run 5-6 miles a day. Every day. At least.

So then he sleeps during the day.

And, if you need any more proof that Arnold Schwarzenegger the American Staffordshire puppy is an awesome puppy:Now a 70 lb tank.


Richard said...

That's a handsome hound you've got there! My sister has an American Pit Bull and he's a wonderful dog. He's the second "pit bull" she's owned and both have been loving, gentle, and intelligent. (Her current dog, Jake, actually figured out how to open the door to the back porch when he was a pup.)

Second, thanks for taking the time to rescue a dog. I love dogs, and it breaks my heart to see them neglected.

ERV said...

When my parents came to visit shortly after I got him, my dad, life-long dog-lover, frowned at poor Arnie and said "Jesus, thats the ugliest dog Ive ever seen." He still loved Arnie to bits already, but wow, he was one ugly pup from being so neglected.

A couple of months later after he beefed up and got a nice shiny coat in, people were chastising me for getting him fixed. "Oh hes so handsome! And his COLOR! You could have gotten +$750 a puppy breeding him!" not catching the irony of what they were saying at all.


The Rev. Jenner J. Hull said...

Hooray! Long live puppies!

It looks like he's become a happy, healty aminal.

Huzzah and Kudos.