Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Arnie Puppy: Fear my CERBERUS!

Of course I have a million videos of Arnie being cute. However, all of these videos have me talking in a schmoopy voice that even makes me a little queasy. I do keep my mouth shut in a couple, just because other noises were funnier.

1: Arnie first hearing Rachmaninoff. He also does this with David Bowie. Hes doing it right now as Im typing this and previewing the video. LOL!

2: Arnie pretending a squeaky toy is a baby head.

hehe Okay, I promise, science posts coming up :P


John said...

Is that the Rachmaninov Vespers?

ERV said...

Concerto #2 :)

John said...

Oh, you're right. For some reason when I play it on my machine, I hear what sounds like a Russian men's choir in the background.

The one time you talk about my field of work, and I muff it. :)

ERV said...

Crappy digital camera video and crappy Photobucket movie hosting didnt exactly do the piece justice, hehe!