Friday, May 11, 2007

The Power of Faith

So ABC finally aired their bit on the Smalkowski Affair. Sure it was only ~5 minutes of a 2 hour show on "Lets all credulously accept complete and utter bullshit! Magic hugs! Magic tears! Maaagic YAAAY!!!"... But it was actually kinda good.

They gave the evil Good Christian(TM) fuckers who attacked this family about 2 second of air-time to say "Um, we didnt do anything wrong" and the rest of the segment was very sympathetic coverage of the shit Nichole had to deal with.

Nicole said that once she told peers at school that she was an atheist, her relationship with the other kids changed. "You know they would call me devil worshipper. I'd walk down the halls, people would laugh at me. They would look at me really weird and stare me down."

Then, according to Nicole, the teachers also began harassing her, one going as far as to say, "This is a Christian country, and if you don't like it, get out."

Diane Summerford is a substitute teacher at the high school Nicole attends and is married to one of the town's religious leaders, Pastor Truman Summerford. She said there was no discrimination against Nicole. "I have never seen anything in the school where the kids treated Nicole badly. We have good kids that care, and they are good Christian kids."

And as for the game-end tradition, Pastor Summerford said, "It is still a free country we are living in today. And our young people are standing up for their faith as they do this."

This is why I trust True Christians(TM) as far as I can throw them. Evil little fuckers, attacking a 13 year old girl, and oh gosh golly! They didnt do anything! Theyre Good Christian Kids(TM)!

... But if they did, they were in the right!

Liberal Christians, appeaser atheists-- you get these jackasses in line, or shut your damn mouths when people like me deal with them.

Ill add a clip of it to YouTube the second someone uploads it. There was a bit with Richard Dawkins, so Im sure he will put something up!


Foxy said...

Yes, but powerlifter that you are, how far can you throw them?

ERV said...

I havent been to the gym in a month (from my weird illness, keeps getting weirder, btw). Give me a couple months to recoup, and you will be amazed at my True Believer Javelin abilities!

The Rev. Jenner J. Hull said...

I wish the "True Christians" (TM) that would pick on a 13 year old atheist girl had attended my high school.

My small but tight-knit group of friends (all atheists or close enough) laughed down the debaters and beat seven shades of shit out of anyone who tried to turn the debate into anything more than an a strictly mental/intellectual exercise.

Of course, I would say that my school contained the exact same kind of "True Christians" (TM) but that they, realizing my friends wouldn't tolerate their bullshit, mostly left us alone. Had it been just me and no other allies, I'm sure my HS experience would've been on par with young Miss Smalkowski's.

Just goes to show that "True Christians" (TM) only fight when they think they have a definite chance of winning (or not getting caught). If they face any sort of formidable opposition (especially when they can't simply bully people into submission) they either fold up like a card table or fall to the pitch, grab a knee, and cry to the refs.

ERV said...

I was lucky in school too. I mean, it was a small, rural, Mid-west town-- but the other kids always accepted me with "Oh, ERV doesnt believe in that stuff. Shes really into science." It wasnt ever an issue.

We didnt have a lot of True Believers(TM) around either-- and when they did something stupid like get a school play changed (we couldnt do 'A funny thing happened on the way to the forum' for some reason), the whole school ridiculed them. No pre-basketball game prayers. hehehe And I was the student speaker at baccalaureate!

Goddamn, but I would hope that some of my friends, any of my friends, would have stood with me if I had to protest something like Nicole, even though they are all theists.

The Esteemed Reverend-- Just goes to show that "True Christians" (TM) only fight when they think they have a definite chance of winning (or not getting caught).
Thats why I never pull punches with True Believers(TM). Show sympathy for a second and they try to throw a sucker punch.