Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Ohh! THIS is why Believers are fat!

Note: I dont mean to poke fun at people who are overweight or have body image issues. If you really want some fitness/diet advice or a place to vent, please do so here-- believer or non.

Okay okay, so Im sure we all remember the 700 Club Fun last summer with Pat Robertson leg pressing 2,000 lbs. Oh I could have fun pointing out the obvious-- how snake oil peddlers never stick to one bit. The ever greedy need to always be thinking of ways to catch new marks.

But I really wouldnt mind it if the snake oil salesmen were disseminating accurate information. There are freakishly Christian/Muslim/etc body builders, and they give advice on diet/fitness that has worked for them. I dont mind if you pull on God to sell good information. I think its stupid, but the 'religion' communication channels are good at spreading info.

Too bad that one of the biggest Christian communication lines pushes BS fitness information. I was watching the 700 Club today (I had a fever of 102, and my TV has no remote-- I wasnt getting up to change the channel) and a viewer wrote in to ask Pat a simple fitness question.

"Ever since I had my kids, I cant seem to lose the belly fat right below my belly button. I do a million ab exercises, but nothing works. What can I do?"
This is an easy one. Most women will never lose that bit of fat below their belly buttons without surgery. You have to have a body fat percentage that most women dont know how to get down to. Even professional fitness models (like my favorite, Alicia Marie), have trouble losing that fat right before photo shoots and competitions. If youre bound and determined to lose it, the answer is perfect diet and sprints. Ab exercises are pointless. If you are doing compound lifts (squats, deadlifts) you should never have to do a crunch ever, anyway.

So what did Pat tell her do do? More ab work. More crunches. Take one day off a week (Sunday).

Fantastic. The worst 'advice' he could have given, just short of "Eat McDonalds!!!" And remember, folks, Robertson is in direct communication with an omnimax deity.