Wednesday, May 02, 2007

The Mystery at ERVs Lymph Nodes!

Ive gotten to play my own little version of House for the past several days, as I feel like ass, and no one knows why. I think Ive got it figured out.

On Saturday I found this sore knot on my left trap. Saturday is shoulder day at the gym, so I figured I just pulled something. Didnt think any more of it.

Felt terrible on Sunday, but I figured it was because I was up until 3 am, and Arnie woke me up at 6 am (Thank you Arnie!).

Monday my lymph nodes were like boulders, but I went to work anyway. Almost fell asleep at lunch. Then it hit me: that wasnt a screwed up muscle in my shoulder-- that was a swollen lymph node. Virchow's node. Abdominal cancer. Malignancy.

"Oh shut up!" I told myself. "Stomach cancer wouldnt give you a fever. Take your temp when you get home." 102F. Super! Not cancer!

Tuesday I went to the doctor. By that time I was convinced I had an ear infection, because my left ear was hurting. Doc "Nope, you just have a lot of ear wax in there. Do you use Q-tips?" Ugh, I totally use Q-tips. Evidently you arent supposed to do that. So a nurse came, washed out my ears, and though that felt better, still didnt know what was wrong with me.

Not mono.

Not strep.

White blood cell levels normal, not bacterial infection.

Ugh. All this crap was running through my head-- West Nile from a mosquito bite, HIV from work, Hepatitis from the restaurant I ate at last weekend...

So last night at ~10:30 I woke up, and my fever had broken. YAY! I had to change clothes and move to the other side of the bed, but YAY! Woke up at 6 am... had a 102 fever again. RARG! So I sat in front of the air conditioner all day today in my summer running clothes, eating Popsicles, dripping with sweat. I got down to 99 F at one point, but Im back up to 100 now. BUT... I have white patches on my tonsils now! YEAH! Viral infection of the tonsils, tonsillitis!

This is the second time Ive gotten this in the past 2 months. So, evidently, Im an 8 year old. If this happens again, Im probably going to have to get my tonsils taken out. ROFL!


Tyler DiPietro said...

Wow, that sounds extremely shitty. I'm sorry for your suffering from these physical ailments. :(

I haven't been physically ill lately, but I've been experiencing episodic cycling more frequently than usual. It's something I have to see my psychiatrist about, as I've been taking my meds as per my usual routine.

ERV said...

Its super shitty. But also kinda funny, because my bosses wife and I have been sick as dogs since we moved here, but the guy who moved us here (Boss) hasnt even gotten a cold. ARG! lol!

I think we all just need a vacation to Tahiti.

Foxy said...

At least it's not lupus.

... It's never lupus.

ERV said...

OMG Im at like, the best lupus research campus in the country! Its ALWAYS lupus! Everyone in immunology does lupus research!! Im so sick of hearing about lupus!!! LOL!!

But its not lupus :)

The Factician said...

I got tonsilitis twice last fall after my son started in daycare (he brings something home at least twice a month). It knocked me flat on my ass. I always thought it was just a sore throat, but everything you're experiencing sounds about right on the money...

ERV said...

lol! If I put my right ear to my right shoulder... you can see an archipelago of lymph nodes sticking out! Gross lol!!!