Saturday, May 12, 2007

The Mystery at ERVs Lymph Nodes: The Plot Thickens!

My next doctors appointment isnt until Monday, so Im venting about this illness here until then. WARNING: Super gross pics! Not for the squeamish! Ill hide them in links rather than direct posting.

I found out yesterday that this adventure was me getting mono. The fast test gave me a negative result, but my other tests combined with the 'slow' EBV test turned up a definitive 'yes' to EBV (dont tell the HIV Deniers-- theyll start saying EBV doesnt exist if they hear about my test results).
Well, okay, that sucks. I missed getting it in high school when wave after wave of it hit my basketball team/soccer team/etc... Makes sense I would get it NOW. Ugh. So doc put me on some prednisone to help with my lymph node and tonsil swelling. I was feeling a lot better.

Until yesterday.

Yesterday was my last dose of prednisone. Thought nothing of it, until I went to the restroom at ~9:30 am. I had a few teeny tiny red spots on my tummy. 'Weird...' I thought, and went about my day. Couple hours later, went to the bathroom. More spots. Climbed up to my chest and arm pits. As the day went on, I got spots on my arms, neck, back, face... So I called the doctor.

Doc: Well, we have your tests back-- its definately mono.
Me: Thats nice! So, Im covered in spots.
Me: Yeah, little pink spots-- like someone flicked red watercolor on me.
Doc:... Do they itch?
Me: Nope!
Doc:... Well, sometimes a rash comes with mono, but I would have thought you would have had it earlier.
Me: Lots of spots.
Doc: Come in on Monday.

So I wake up this morning, to this:
Arm (where they drew blood for my tests)

My whole face is swollen-- lips, tongue, and those spots are actually raised on my face. Everywhere else theyre flat. Im hoping that this is my immune system bouncing back from being immunosuppressed under the prednisone, and that these spots are a good thing. And not, like, the measles.


God bless the Google Machine. It knows everything-- all you have to do is have the right question! Okay, so before we knew it was mono, the doc gave me some Augmentin. We had no idea what the hell was wrong with me. "If you dont feel better in 48 hours, take these" she said. I was not better. So I took one dose last Thursday. One. Later in the day I had another doc appointment, and doc told me she had a big hunch it was mono, despite my negative monospot, and to stop taking the amp. Why?

Rashes. Since the sore throat and fever seen with mono often leads to a mistaken diagnosis of strep throat, children and teens with mono may be given antibiotics, and some are given ampicillin or related drugs.

The vast majority of adolescents and adults with mono who receive ampicillin-like drugs develop a red raised rash over a good portion of the body. Other antibiotics, such as penicillin, also can cause rashes with mono but not as predictably as ampicillin. The rashes may be itchy, but they are not serious and will go away in a few days without any specific treatment. Rashes are not seen as commonly in young children, even when they are given ampicillin-like drugs. (link)
One dose of amp a week ago, and I look like a red alligator.

I think the Mystery at ERVs Lymph Nodes has been solved!


Tyler DiPietro said...

Sounds like this L'Affaire ERV has been pretty super gay fucking queermo. Is this the light at the end of the tunnel, is it over now? I feel so bad for you.

ERV said...

I think I would be fine now if it werent for that one dose of amp causing this creepy rash. Google says the rash should go away in a few days...


Kristjan Wager said...

Sorry to hear about your misadventures.

Hope you haven't been hit too bad, since you are not really able to train while being sick, and it can take a long while to get over.

In other words, I feel bad for you, and wish you a speedy recovery.

ERV said...

Thanks Kris! The rash is clearing up already, but I still want to dig out my tonsils with a spoon.