Tuesday, May 08, 2007

HIV Deniers confused, frightened by the Google Machine

I grew up with the internet. I take it for granted that other people know how to operate a basic email program, navigate the internet tubes with the address bar, and search for articles/webpages/blogs through a search engine.

Always up for the challenge of lowering the bar for all of humanity, the HIV Deniers have once again established they dont know how to operate The Google Machine. Thats the only explanation I have for their 'rebuttal' to Ken Witwers take-down of Little Blondie Culshaw.

A slim volume by a young, female [emphasis ERV] mathematician in Tyler, Texas, published by an "unknown" press has shaken the board room of Aids, Inc. like nothing since Celia Farber and Harper’s.

At the top of the "AIDSTruthiness" site these days is a long list of New_4 tags that because of the content to which they are attached remind one more than a little of certain other yellow identifiers in modern history.[emphasis ERV]

I think it is obvious that Ken Witwer is either Harvey Bialy or Subversive Grad. Student[emphasis ERV], and should be duly "outed", not "noted".

Witwer protests his political correctness in the face of Bialy's usual and admitted non-PC style. I assure you, W., the women over here at YBYL are doing quite well. In fact, we and our arguments get taken extremely seriously. Which is more than appears on the other side, with its "lightweight" comment about Rebecca Culshaw. DOCTOR Rebecca Culshaw to you, kiddo. No mere grad student, she has a Ph.D. Yes, Witwer, you DID act as though you were picking on a "girl," a "lightweight," someone without consequence.[emphasis ERV]

Excuse me, but should I take it personally that my name is right on Kens goddamn paper, and a quick Google search of "S.A. Smith" "endogenous retrovirus" leads you right here? Right here where you can plainly see that Im also a young female (younger, prettier, smarter, stronger, faster, better person in general than Blondie, btw). Not only that, but one of Jewish heritage? Ken went out of his way to get information about ERVs from a young female Jewish scientist... clearly demonstrating he is a misogynistic Nazi?


They want Blondie to be this prestigious, untouchable 'doctor', yet they refuse to acknowledge the fact she was pwnd by a grad student (with help from a pre-grad student and others). What kind of 'doctor' gets schooled by a kid on the subject of their PhD research and dissertation??? Id crawl in a hole and never come out.

Of course, I have the ability to feel that one emotion. You know, 'shame'?


Tyler DiPietro said...

Well, you see Abbie, the fact that you are Jewish is part of the problem. Clearly your interest in defending the AIDS establishment *frightening and/or ominous music* lies in the fact that you work on behalf of the International Jewish Conspiracy that is surreptitiously trying to poison and kill all gentiles.

Sorry, don't shoot the messenger. :(

Anonymous said...

The scientifically forgettable Dr. Harvey Bialy also made his lackey Darin Brown put a phrase into the "rebuttal" about Robert Gallo needing to pick on someone his own size, not "girls." Demonstrating things two:
Thing one, it's Bialy and Brown who are the misogynists even when they're talking about their supposed friends. They're pathetic creatures from the paleolithic who just don't get it, to the extent that they've marginalized themselves.
Thing two, they can't understand that Bob Gallo didn't write the Culshaw review. They don't realize Culshaw is so stupid (not because she's a woman, sheesh, but because she's just so friggin stooopid!) that it doesn't take a professor, or a grad student, or the fabulous Abbie, or a well-informed undergrad, or even, for that matter, a particularly well-trained orangutan, to present something more coherent on the subject than Culshaw has.

Chris Noble said...

Who could have predicted that the "rebuttal" to Ken's demolition of Culshaw's book would take the form of a) claiming that people are picking on this nice pretty blond girl and b) attempting to "frame" Ken's essay as being one long ad hominem?

It was laughable how Brown completely ignores the huge number of objective scientific critisms in Ken's essay. They can't admit to Culshaw making any mistakes whatsoever.

As fare as I can tell the only people that are making a big deal about Culshaw being female are her fellow "rethinkers". It certainly doesn't play any role in my judgement.

Two things I didn't predict were the invokation of Godwin's law with the association between yellow new tags and the holocaust and the assertion that Ken was really Bialy. There are certainly some bizarre minds amongsdt the "rethinkers".

ERV said...

Tyler-- Oh I dont take offense to the implication that jews control the world. We totally do. :P

anon-- Thats what I what to emphasize with my non-science science defender friends. You dont have to know jack shit about HIV or epidemiology to 'refute' Culshaw! Ken did it with his notes on her plagiarism! Why are they ignoring (implicitly supporting) that???
I mean PZ Myers is writing a book right now-- If Creationists discovered he plagiarized Pandas Thumb contributors and various pro-evolution magazines and books, I would be furious!

Chris-- I was expecting a Zombie Hitler. They had to stretch to get it, but I KNEW theyd go for the Zombie Hitler.
You called the 'poor little girl' argument. hehehe Should I submit your comment to James Randi for your million dollar prize for being psychic?

Chris Noble said...

I think Randi's million dollars are safe. My psychic skills are limited to the blindingly obvious.

However, I'm still staggered by the stupidity of the allusion to Nazis and the holocaust. What sort of a mind would come up with that crap? How do you get from a yellow "new" tag to the holocaust?

There is also no small amount of irony in this ad hominem attack coming after Darin Brown tries to paint Ken's essay as being mostly an ad hominem attack.