Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Hitchens. Do I like this guy?

I dont *get* Christopher Hitchens.

I dont know whether I like him or not.

Maybe its because I dont trust him not to say stupid things. I mean, Dawkins can go on '700 Club' if he gets invited-- I know hes not going to say anything that will make me wince. But Hitchens... eeeeh?

But I think I might have to get his book, God is Not Great, if only as a kudos for this:

And then I did a quick Google to see some of the Churchies reviews of his book, and theyre even dumber than the 'reviews' Dawkins got! Here are a couple off the top:

Leora Tanenbaum - Huffington Post
If I were sitting in the pews listening to Christopher Hitchens delivering a sermon on his new book, a denunciation of religion, I would roll my eyes, perhaps doze off, maybe even walk out. This is what believers in houses of worship do when confronted with overblown, out-of-touch, and insulting words from the pulpit.

Father Raymond J. De Souza - National Post
At a certain point in reading God is not Great, Christopher Hitchens' broadside against religion as a false, immoral, man-made construction, I half-expected Hitchens to write that if God were real and omnipotent, and consequently Hitchens so wrong, then God should have arranged things so as to prevent him from writing his book. But the book exists! So God couldn't stop it. And why couldn't he stop it? The simplest answer is that he does not exist!

Dennis Covington - Paste
But as learned and well-researched as it is, God is Not Great merely offers a fleeting critique of what we think of as organized religion. At its center lies a broader attack against those who, religious or not, believe in the life of the spirit as well as the life of the flesh. In short, Hitchens has written a hymn of praise to scientific materialism and, sad to note, a clumsy apology for its own many crimes.
What then of the National Socialist scientists who conducted experiments on Jewish children in Hitler’s death camps? Clearly psychopaths and brutes, they did not claim “a heavenly warrant” for the cruelty they inflicted. Should they, too, have been “understood” since they were not committing their crimes in the name of God, but in the name of science?
hehehe! Zombie Hitler? Zombie Hitler?? I HAVE TO READ THIS BOOK!


Kristjan Wager said...

When it comes to politics, Hitchens is always (or nearly so) wrong, and has always been so, no matter if we are speaking about him when he was left-winged or right-winged.

When it comes to religion, he is almost always right, though he focuses too much on bashing Muslims.

Slate has a great article on Falwell by Hitchens: Faith-Based Fraud

ERV said...

Thats wonderful!!!

One of his associates, Bailey Smith, once opined that "God does not hear the prayers of a Jew." This is one of the few anti-Semitic remarks ever made that has a basis in fact, since God does not exist and does not attend to any prayers, but Smith was not quite making that point.


ERV said...

...he set out to puddle his sausage-sized fingers into the intimate arrangements of people who had done no harm...

Tyler DiPietro said...

Hitchens book is dead sexy. I'd definitely recommend it (I actually managed to get an advanced copy). I have to say that although I dislike Hitchens enormously for his apologetics for the Iraq war, his gushing over the KLA, and a few other things, he has it nailed on religion. On most of his career, in fact. This is the guy who had the cojones to call Mother Teresa "the Ghoul of Calcutta" despite the widespread and credulous admiration of her.