Thursday, May 03, 2007

ERV gets an A

From The Simpsons, Season 10, Episode 7-- 'Lisa Gets an A'

Im Lisa. Boss is Marge.

Ugh. Tried to go to work today. Almost passed out in the elevator. Tried real hard to throw up in the lab. Boss sent me home. Im so bored, but I feel so shitty :( Just wanna go back to work :(


Tyler DiPietro said...

At least we can be certain no one can claim you are unmotivated.

I'm so sorry you feel that sick, I really hope you get better soon.

ERV said...

Aw thanks Tyler :) Meh I will. Its a virus so it just has to run its course, but Im not patient (ever.)

To add insult to injury-- docs office called me back today to grab some more blood (they were still worried its something weird) and to give me a prescription for some steroids (get the swelling down in my neck), and while I was sitting in the docs office, this chick came in wondering how much typhoid vaxes cost. I was sitting next to this elderly couple, and they pipped up "Are you a missionary or something?"

Girls eyes light up.


So she bops right on over and starts gushing about how shes going to go to Africa to help AIDS orphans (me, clinching my jaws, trying to act blase). Then she mentioned she was going to Zambia.

Me: "Oh! I do HIV research! My patients are in Zambia!"

Her: Unfazed. This was not to be a conversation. This was HER time to gush about how AWESOME she was for helping those poor heathen colored kids. "I just want to be able to tell them that even though their parents have died, they have a Heavenly Father that loves them!" She then transitioned into why she couldnt help these people long term, blah blah blah excuses excuses excuses, and I luckily got called into the office.

Egotistical fucking brats. "Ohh look at me! Im helping! Look at me! JESUS! JEEEEEEEESUUUS!!!! LOOK AT ME!!! LOOOOOOOOK!!!!"

Tyler DiPietro said...

Egotistical fucking brats. "Ohh look at me! Im helping! Look at me! JESUS! JEEEEEEEESUUUS!!!! LOOK AT ME!!! LOOOOOOOOK!!!!"

My typical reaction to such people is either privately wish or personally suggest that they opt to join Jesus in the slowest, most painful way possible (like crucification, lol!).

But in all serious, I know what you mean. Scientists get no respect compared to religious "missionaries" whose primary function is make people stupider, more ignorant and to downplay their suffering with supernatural fables. My main complaint about religion (well, one of them, anyway) is that people's faith tends to turn them into what you describe: spoiled brats.

Dr. Duke said...

With regard to Lisa Gets an A; are you getting adicted to video games, and planning to cheat when you return to studies?

With regard to religious missionaries and suffering; I say suffering builds character, comfort is for sissies!

So look at the bright side, you're not sick, you're building character.

ERV said...

Tyler-- Its the irony and projection that kills me. "Atheists worship themselves" "Atheists only do 'good' if they get something out of it" But heres Super Brat whos taking a tour of Zambia for 2 weeks, pretending shes 'helping AIDS orphans' and living it up for JEEEEEEESUS. You dont see this brat joining the Peace Corps. You dont see this brat joining Doctors Without Borders. Nononononono Gotta do a MISSION for JESUS, and EVERYONE must look at her while shes doing it.

Duke-- hehe Im getting addicted to Fla-Vor-Ice pops and Im totally sneaking into the lab this weekend to work :P