Friday, May 18, 2007

Atheists on the news in Oklahoma

Well! I guess us atheists are turning into a guaranteed ratings boost for TV stations! The local NBC news had a segment last night on 'Atheists in Oklahoma... Living In The Shadows'. DUN DUN DUNNNNN!!!!

Atheist segment starts at ~ 7 minutes. Or watch the whole thing and laugh at Oklahoma news. Oh, and the link doesnt work in FireFox. Why? Because this is Oklahoma. If the link doesnt work, its the Thursday 05-17-07 10 pm newscast at KFOR.

Its not too bad. Of course they give the last word to some nauseating Biblo-pusher. "Think with me... about how preposterous it is to believe that everything happened from nothing!" he says, baffled.


I think Christians are from Mars. That wasnt English. I mean, it was English words, but when you put them together the way he did, they make zero sense. The cherry on top would have been if the next sentence he said included the words "evidences" or "fellowshipping".

And you know, since they ended the atheist segment with a True Believer, that must mean all the True Believer segments will have atheists getting the last words now, right? Right? Brows the KFOR archives. Youll see lots of fun videos on Hell and exorcisms and ghosts and stupid shit, so Im sure theyll be ending all those segments with rational thoughts, since they ended the segment on rationalists with a loony?LOL. Riiiiiiight.

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