Monday, May 07, 2007

Are Christians from Mars?

I dont get them. I just dont get it. The campus Christians in Medicine or whatever group had an activity today. Their flyer:



"How can someone have faith in God when there is suffering in the world?"

"How can someone believe in miracles that contradict what we know about science?"

This will be an interactive forum for students from all colleges to ask questions of a Christian panel. Bring skeptical questions and hear from your fellow students. Lunch will be provided for 50.

Well super. Its so hard to find a Christian in Oklahoma. Good for these guys, having the guts to come out as Christians. I mean, no one around here even knows the basics of Christianity! It must be so weird for them!



No, I didnt go. We had a seminar today at the same time. And to be perfectly honest, I have nothing to say to these people. I have nothing to learn from them. Plus, Im an HIV researcher that turns into super-mega-queen-bitch when theists try to justify their pathetic, inhumane 'answers' to the Problem of Evil. Add that to my mysterious sickness and me coming down off of a prednisone high, and my campus would have spontaneously combusted at noon today.

Would have liked to go to meet some other skeptics, though :(


Ryan said...

hey, I saw that flier too! I thought about just going for the food, but then realized I probably would have lost my appetite trying to stomach their BS.

ERV said...

I thought about going just for the food too, but I dont eat beef or pork, and it was a 'grill'... No WAY was I dealing with that garbage for a bag of chips!

I wish I knew what the hell they thought they were accomplishing...