Saturday, April 21, 2007

Why do I blog?

Blog brother Kris tagged me with the 'Why do I blog meme'!

Well originally it was a way to force me to learn about other kinds of microbiology besides viruses. Im going to be getting a PhD in micro, and Ive never taken a general micro class, lol! Virology Im set on, but bacteria? Ek. Trypanoso-what? Eh.

I also wanted to fill a blog niche. I didnt see a lot of virus blogs around (which reminds me, I need to post more info on general virology!), and certainly no ERV or epigenetics blogs. Ive got some weird stuff in my brain to offer the blog community.

I also wanted a place to gush about lab stuff, because honestly, I have the coolest job and coolest research project on the planet :P

But I stopped for a month or so when I was applying to grad school and nursing baby Arnie back to life. I might have abandoned ERV then. But after a series of encounters with Deniers and Creationists occurred in rapid succession, I couldnt keep my yapper shut anymore. I physically couldnt. So I credit those morons with twisting the nerdy old ERV blog into the ERV you know today! Hurray for Creationists and Deniers! lol!

This is the only outlet I currently have for countering 'those types.' Im hoping you all read something here that you didnt know before, and might remember something I say and be able to counter a Creationist/Denier you encounter in real life. I mean I do this so I can learn too. Learning something well enough to explain it reasonably to someone else is how things *stick* in my brain. Correcting others errors helps everything *stick* too.

I do want to thank you all for listening to my rants and ramblings. Id do this even if no one was reading cause its good for me intellectually and psychologically, but its fun having discussions with real people on these topics :)


Kristjan Wager said...

Real people? You have real people commenting on your blog?

Dr. Duke said...

No. We are actually all Comment-Bots from the cyber-world. Spiders, and other autonomous self-replicating agents. We come here because we suspect ERV is herself only a 'Bot.

ERV said...

Kris-- hehehe Its either you guys, or Arnie. He'll listen to me, but he offers no feedback. :P

duke-- Chris Noble made an HIV Denier bot for me, but I havent posted it here because I really really couldnt tell the difference between lincoln and the bots comments. The bot was too powerful to be released upon the blagosphere.

Qualario said...

"the blagosphere"

The Blaaaarghosphere?