Thursday, April 26, 2007

SciAm wants our help with 'Junk DNA'!

For those of you irritated with the treatment of Shelley after she corrected bad science reporting on her blog*, I have some fantastic news to cheer you up!

After evolgen and I posted our irritation at the gratuitous use of 'junk DNA' in a SciAm article, the author (JR Minkle) actually responded to our criticisms in a positive manner!

Cherry on top: He is as horrified at Creationists exploitation of 'Junk DNA' as we are!

x3: "Junk" is taking a beating in the comments. I should have been more aware of how scientists and the public perceive the term. As ERV points out in a juicier piece of context, creationists use the term to cast doubt on evolution. If you Google "junk DNA," the fifth site from the top is called

HUGE high-five to JR Minkle for not taking 'junk DNA' personally and helping us all promote science!! So readers, get your booties over to his article and leave some suggestions!

Im happy to see TR Gregory already responded, but Im hoping Larry Moran and Alex Palazzo and The Pandas Thumb crew will weigh in as well.

* Situation resolved, in Shelleys favor! YAY!


Kristjan Wager said...

Abbie - please remove the email address in the footnote - the case have been solved to Shelley's satisfaction.

ERV said...

Done! Thanks for the update!

Anonymous said...

This is one of the ways in which the Science Blogopshere and Open Access publishing can evolve into it's own standard of academic discourse. Responses can be almost instantaneous, everything is accessible to anyone with a net connection, and everything is copylefted.

Too many have succumbed to the picture painted by much of the media, that the internet is basically anarchic and everything on it is crappy. It sure is nice to see people commit themselves to constructive criticism on the internet.