Thursday, April 05, 2007

Lazy Linking-- Funny Business

I have the best friends on the planet. One friend in particular is very very Catholic, knows Im very, very atheistic, and we both have a lot of fun with it (I do the sign of a cross before I drink cheap red wine, she gives me a Darwin Fish to put on my car when I turned 16, and so on). She just sent me an Easter present! (the link, not the shirt, lol!)

(Edit: I put the wrong link here before-- you all were totally missing the joke!)

HAHAHAHA! With a note: "My students asked me to buy this t-shirt. I thought of you. Who in their right mind would put a fetus on a t-shirt! Its not cute - its doesnt make me want to save it - it makes me want to run away!" It makes me hungry. Mmmmm... fetus.....**Homer Simpson drool**


After a recent series of events, spurned by the Harvard 'chaplain' of Humanism, Im questioning whether I am 'allowed' to still call myself a Humanist. I found this comic through Humanist Network News, but Im still going to keep reading it, even if Im not a True Humanist(TM).

And Im sure you all have seen these on Pandas Thumb and Pharyngula, but:


drpsduke said...

The micro-macro evolution thing is nice, for illustrating one of the dozens of ways that evolution can happen. But there are also many ways that "jumps" can occur. For example a minor change can result in four eyes in a fruit fly instead of two.

Most of these "jumps" tend to be very detrimental, rather than advantageous. But one in a million or so could create a major advantage.

Tyler DiPietro said...

For some reason it's very easy to imagine Ted Haggard reciting this, I don't what it is...

"Leaping from tree to tree as they float down the mighty rivers of British Columbia! The Giant Redwood, the Larch, the Fir, the mighty Scott's Pine! The smell of fresh-cut timber! The crash of mighty trees! With my best buddy by my side, we'd sing, sing, sing!"

ERV said...

duke-- A lot of the criticism against that animation is that there is no context behind it. Like whats causing those bear heads to change? DNA? Are they in an environment?
Though its directed towards ID Creationists... so *theoretically* they already know the basics...

tyler-- Ive always wanted to do something similar to that with Behe. "I didnt want to be a scientist, you know. I wanted to be... A LUMBERJACK!"