Wednesday, April 11, 2007

I no longer feel so alone!!

Oh I know you all probably read Pharyngula, but just in case you missed PZs endorsement of John Dennehy at Evilutionary Biologist, heres a link! PZ was happy for the Evilutionist company, Im happy about the virologist company!

John studies bacteriophages! You know, the sweet lunar lander guys! Ive always had a crush on bacteriophages, but its never been enough to pull me away from my syncytia :P


Susan Brassfield Cogan said...

You aren't alone! I'm down in Norman and I'm a member of OESE.

Foxy said...

Your attitude gets me so pumped about biology. And I don't even like biology ;)

Very neat stuff.

The Factician said...

Heh, there are still a few of us who work with bacteriophages. I worked with lambda and P1 as a graduate student, and now use P22 (infects Salmonella) in some of my work.

It's not all that rare, is it?

John said...

Foxy--agreed. I'm a music teacher, and I'm still pumped.

Tyler DiPietro said...

I bet even Abbie's dog gets pumped when she talks about biology.

ERV said...

Susan-- Oh I meant alone in a virologist sense here, but I do feel frustrated with (what I feel) is a lack of pro-science activism and community outreach in a Creationist Danger-Zone. I really love the OESE's teacher training idea, but I know more can be done.
How can I help?

hehehe Foxy/John/Tyler-- Even the worst 'framer' on the planet would have to consciously try to make viruses dull for them not to come across as cool :P I mean common!

factician-- I just miss the company of other virologists :) I moved from a uni where I was surrounded by people who studied plant/crop/farm animal/human/etc to a place where its basically just me, my boss, and a few others, who only study human viruses.
I miss phages :(

John Dennehy said...

Thanks for the promotion:)

I'm amazed by all the positive feedback. It is so nice to meet someone else working with viruses.

You might be interested a paper:

In the end, it talks about the relevance to HIV:)

p.s. your dog is adorable!

ERV said...

You had us at Evilution, John. You had us at Evilution