Saturday, April 14, 2007

Discrimination Against Blacks=24-Hour Outraged News Coverage. Discrimination Against Atheists=Meh.

Um so I got a message from David Mills last night telling me to tune into ABCs program 20/20-- My fellow Oklahoman Chester Smalkowski was going to have a segment on the horrors his family experienced when his daughter had the audacity, the audacity I tell you, to insist upon saying the Pledge before their basketball game instead of a creepy Christian prayer.

*note Nicoles friends giving her a hug afterwards... but they still said the prayer with everyone else anyway. Several of my best friends are theists, but I know they would have stood with me in protest.

Their family has been tormented from that day since, and you can read about their first-hand experience of Christian Love(TM) in 'Just Another Salem.' (for a taste of the Loving Christian(TM) view on terrorizing an entire family, check out this fine post! I cant tell whether this site is parody or not...). So I tune in, watch a segment on a guy who lives with wolves (used the opportunity to teach Arnie how to howl). Watched a segment on how THE SECRET to weight loss is weightlifting (to which I say 'duh,' but thats another post). Got ready to go out during the segment on Protestant leaders sexually abusing kids (In other news, dog bites man! Sky is blue! Music is good! More at 10!).

No segment on the Smalkowskis. You know, never mind this happened... 9 months or so ago? Never mind this incident is several orders of magnitude more horrifying than Don Imus saying 'nappy.'

Ugh. Looks like my open offer to CNN has extended to ABC. I hope David just got the dates mixed up, or it was a different Dateline/60-minutes/whatever show.


Wes said...

Shelley the Republican is actually a parody website. A very apt parody, but a parody nonetheless.

Being an infidel in OK definitely can be rough. I still pretend to be Christian around my family. Of course, they suspect me of heathenism anyways. A couple years ago, when my grandfather died, I had relatives coming up to me telling me what a good Christian he was, and how I shouldn't disappoint him by ending up in hell for not following "the Word". I love my family, and I understand they were saying this because they really believed in Hell and really feared I was going there, but I couldn't help but feel angry that they felt they should use a man's dead grandfather to try to guilt him into going to church. As if I wasn't already going through heartache.

I feel bad for that girl, standing away from that prayer. That takes a lot of guts, and I'm sure she took a lot of shit for it. Among too many Christians, there isn't much of a standard of decency for handling things like that, as I can attest. Too often, any opportunity at all to bring (or push) someone into the fold is taken. When you convince someone that Eternity depends on such trivial things, they behave weirdly.

It's just sad, really.

The Factician said...

People are very good at singling out the "other". For there to be an "us", there has to be a "them". It's interesting that at various points in history you could put different labels on her, and the story would largely be the same (whether those labels are religion, race or sexuality).

I feel for that girl.

drpsduke said...

If you had trouble telling that Shelley the Republican was parody, it should have taken you a week to figure out the ID vs Evilution April fool's joke this year.

But thanks for leading me to Shelley's site, it is pretty funny. I love parody.

The Factician said...

If you like Shelley, check out

You'll enjoy him, too. It's a bit easier to tell that he's using satire, given that his name is Jon Swift and all...

ERV said...

wes-- At least she has her familys support. There are so many kids out there that are all on their own- whether its atheism or homosexuality or paganism... *sigh*

duke-- I would still be missing the Pandas Thumb joke if someone didnt spoil it in the comments for me :P
People kid about their irony meters breaking, but I honestly think mine is beyond repair lol!