Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Dawkins on FOX: How Others See Us

I think the consensus around the atheistic blagodome is that the Dawkins vs O'Reilly showdown was... well... dull. "Why dont you believe in Zeus?" "Hitler was an atheist!" **YAWN!**

Here it is, if you missed it:

So since certain people are soooooooo concerned (*vomit*) about how Dawkins 'hurts the cause', for atheism and science, I was wondering how others viewed this debate. So I went to an old lair of mine... a bodybuilding forum. Yes, me, bodybuilding. Besides, I think bodybuilders make a great cross section of religion in the U.S. Some bodybuilders are atheists. Some are rabid Christians. Some are actually the scary Muslims the atheists and rabid Christians are afraid of. Jews, Agnostics, even knew a couple pagan lifters. So I checked back into the forum to see what people were saying:

  • I'm pissed. He gets a good guest on and it's about 2 fricken minutes. WTF?
  • oreillys trump card to end the interview was to directly imply that atheism drove hitler and stalin to commit their crimes against humanity.... he must really think his viewers are idiots
  • The absolute worst argument a Christian can make is that people who don't believe in God are all immoral.
  • (Response to Above Comment) I don't see Christians make that argument but I find it funny when Atheists mention morality when on the Atheistic world-view morality is an illusion.
  • (Response to Above Response) What?
    • wtf does that mean?
    • It kind of sounds like atheists believe in the Matrix. The world is just an illusion....
    • Huh? I find it funny when theists try to assign a specific philosophical world view to atheism, and I find it especially funny when someone tells me what my beliefs are.
    • (from a theist) Why do I need to believe in your specific god to know right from wrong and good from bad?
  • I have all of O'Reilly's books autographed and I'm still jumping on the Dawkins bandwagon.
  • Oh and I forgot, when Dawkins replys with "You can't prove Zeus either," O'reilly says "Well uh I just saw Zeus back there and uh he's not lookin so good....."
    • What the hell does that even mean ?!
    • F- for failed attempt at an clever response. (emphasis original)
  • Wow, Dawkins was able to get his message out without causing Oreilly to burst into outrage and cut his mic! Good interview although Oreilly took up 2/3's of it.
  • oreilly "pwned" himself with his dipshit points.
  • That was crap. I was waiting for that interview for days and it only lasted a couple minutes with Bill doing his usual bs.
Huh. Certainly thats only snips from one thread in one forum on the interweb, but it looks like Dawkins made a great impression on the Average Joes who caught the interview.

Yes, Dawkins is really hurting The Cause(TM) [/dripping sarcasm]


Tyler DiPietro said...

Well, maybe the interview was worth it after all!

BTW, if you haven't yet, check your email.

ERV said...

I certainly dont claim those quotes are representative, might just be a fluke that a bunch of mixed religious/nonreligious/areligious people seemed to side with Dawkins. But I do think its enough to give 'certain people' pause.

Well, if 'certain people' could remove their brains from their buttocks for a second and return them to their skulls. For just a second. I dont ask for much.

Gerald said...

Nice to see you still check out BB.com on occasion. Not much has changed, but there are a few new posters who really know their stuff.

But yeah, the interview was somewhat disappointing being that it was so short. But at least the message is getting to an audience that normally wouldn't hear it. Planting the seeds of doubt one person at a time.

ERV said...

Gerald-- Naw, I just checked it out for this purpose only. I got sick of the posters who only posted comments they wouldnt have balls to say in real life or attached to real names.

Anonymity makes things too easy for assholes.