Friday, April 20, 2007

April fun! YAY!

April doesnt totally suck! Dad, bro, like 17 of my 293 Baptist cousins have birthdays*, first human in space and tons of other cool space events, Earth Day and Arbor Day, start of the American Revolution, the Curies isolated their first bit of radium, first cell phone call (1973 LOL!), James Watsons birthday, American Natural History Museum opened, Kodak cameras, roller skates, TV dinners, and Twinkies were invented! TWINKIES!

*My birthday is tomorrow too. I know I only have like 4 regular readers, but I expect you guys to type out 5,000 birthday messages for me so Dawkins will be jealous :P


ben said...

I won't be online tomorrow so like good times tomorrow. ;-)

Kristjan Wager said...

Manual trackback

Susan Brassfield Cogan said...

The video is very pleasant for cheesy pop music.

Have a nice birthday!

I'm Regular Reader #5 and I was born April 2 deep in the last century.

ERV said...

Thanks guys!

(Im working on the 'why do you blog' post kris!)

ERV said...

YAY ANOTHER APRIL GOOD THING! Happy birthday Susan!!

hehehe Muse isnt normally so pop-ish, but I love that particular video because of the lasers and cool starfield thing :P Search for them on YouTube to see a better representative of their stuff! Man I so wanna see Muse live!!