Thursday, April 19, 2007

April fun. Ugh.

So I swear there are some good things about April, but with the Virginia incident, OKC bombing, Branch Davidian mess, Lincoln and MLK Jrs assassinations, Hitlers and Pope Benedicts birthdays (zing!), 1906 earthquake, Titanic sinking, Rodney King verdict riots, Columbine, Chernobyl, um, Im sure Im missing some.

So heres a depressing anti-theistic video to... depress you some more...

Ive always had a fancy for mismatched scenery/music. Like video footage of us bombing Iraq with 'Dancing Queen' playing in the background. Ugh but no one gives ABBA a blank check as an answer to The Problem of Evil. Heres a link to the fellow who made this video, and if you need cheering up hes got some great smackdowns of the ID Creationist Carnival.

I swear tomorrow will be better :)


Tyler DiPietro said...

And interestingly enough it is the day of Columbine, expect that to be laced into any discussion you see of the V-Tech massacre on television.

I'm going to be laying low in the university environment for while. Every time something like this has happened, from the Columbine incident onward, the rumor mill gets started and eventually circulates back to me. I have the misfortune of attending an institution with many of the people I went to high school with.

ERV said...


Make a t-shirt that says "Im not a serial killer, Im just a math major"!

Tyler DiPietro said...

Awww, thanks! *hug*

Although if I did make that shirt people would take it as a dead giveaway (confirmation bias fuels the rumor mill). I'll just avoid wearing any band t-shirts.

On the bright side, it is a beautiful day out here in Maine. After the two snow storms and the nor'easter, it sure is great to see the sun! LOL!