Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Why I look up to Angelina Jolie

High on the bfs list of 'People I hate' are 'Otherwise heterosexual women who say they would have sex with Angelina Jolie' (its so obvious your just trying to seem 'cool'), so he was concerned when he found 'Angelina Jolie' listed under my 'Heroes' on MySpace. Well, sure shes damn sexy, and I could pull off being her stunt-double in Tomb Raider with minimal PhotoShopping, but thats not why I look up to her.

THIS is why I consider Angelina a hero of mine.

Im continually disappointed in family members who choose to throw The Wedding of the Century or to buy another sports car, while shit, and I mean SHIT is going down all over the planet. Same can be said of 99.9999% of celebrities-- choosing to spend their money on crap, or flying to Italy for a cup of coffee, or refusing to do social work without a camera crew in tow or a court order. Heres a woman whos doing something.

A quote I can relate to, in particular:

"Do you despair?
Certainly, at times. The first two years I just cried constantly like a woman does.

Oh, like anybody does.
Yes, like anybody does, thank you. I couldn't really talk about the situation without being emotional. And I went through a period of just complete lack of hope. Just feeling like it was way too overwhelming and feeling like I wouldn't be able to make a dent. And then I went through a period of anger that smart, articulate people in power have not been able to answer these issues quickly and clearly and define ways of intervention. And that it just keeps going on. About a year ago, I got a lot of books on international law and I tried to study what was going on—just out of a curiosity about what was this bigger picture. I don't want to have to keep going back to camps, five different times, over the next 30 years of my life, [for situations] that there are no solutions for. "

I face despair every day at work- "Whats the point? All these kids are going to die anyway. We're never going to cure HIV infection. We're never going to figure out a vaccine. The problem is too big. Why bother?" But I keep trying anyway because ts the only thing to do.

It cheers me up to see someone else happily jumping into the hopelessness and trying to help anyway :)


Kristjan Wager said...

I am also a huge fan of Jolie. Not because she is sexy, but exactly because of her work with UNICEF.

I once read somewhere that it's estimated that she has given 1/3 of her total earnings to UNICEF. That's a level of commitment entirely different from what you usually see from celebrities in such roles.

I find it rather annoying when people dismiss her work for UNICEF as a PR-stunt.

ERV said...

Hey Kristjan!

And I mean its UNICEF! Not $2 of the sales from the "Angelina Jolie iPod and Angelina Jolie RAZR" going directly to the "Angelia Jolie Charity for 3rd World Kids".

Shes doing this right.

Kristjan Wager said...

I just watched Beyond Borders tonight, and I thought of this post while watching it.

It must have been one of the easiest castings in Hollywood history - a movie about a fairly privileged white woman who becomes aware of the suffering in the 3rd World, and tries to make a difference.
Who could they possible put in that role?