Friday, March 30, 2007

Why cant Deniers impress a 23 year old?

Well, just got done doing the show with Reg! He did great moderating, despite the fact we all were being, well, rude. I was hoping it would be a bit more of a challenge, but this guy isnt a Dembski/Behe/etc. He doesnt have the lingo down yet, so everything he said was very superficial and easy to refute.

He tried to gallop, but I wrote all his Qs down :D

And you all will be pleased to hear that he FREAKED OUT when I didnt call him doctor. Thats gotten me in trouble before, and I plan on continuing to do this to people who want to flaunt their irrelevant credentials. Youre a dentist. You are not a scientist. Calling you 'Dr.' in a debate is inappropriate, because theoretically you are getting an unearned advantage with the audience by virtue of an irrelevant credential.

You are Mr. Horowitz when you are trying to talk about HIV.

You are Dr. Horowitz when you are talking about teeth.

Ironically enough, all of my professors INSIST upon being addressed by their first names, and I have been reprimanded for calling profs "Dr. ___" The fact that Horowitz freaked out proves my above point-- he only wanted the title for unearned respect on the debate topic. He NEEDED it.

Anyway, Reg should have the mp3 up in a few days, and Ill post it here!


Anonymous said...

Love the show today it was great and yes you really hammered that guy! To be honest i was expecting him to walk over you when you said you were a student but i wont make that mistake again. He never came close to getting on top of you.

Kristjan Wager said...

Why should a title be so important? One would think that the arguments should stand by themselves.

Looking forward to hearing the mp3.

ERV said...

YAY! Thanks anon! I was fairly certain it would go well, but people like Horowitz can be so unpredictable...

I wanted to emphasize I was a student for several reasons. The main one being what I said at the beginning-- I wanted you guys to fact check me if I said something you thought sounded strange. I am still learning, and I dont want to propagate incorrect information on accident.

I also wanted to make sure Horowitz knew he was talking to a student. Not a PhD, as a precaution against boasts like this: "He has even earned the respect of his greatest critics, including high level government health officials and leading pharmaceutical industry experts who have learned, the hard way, never to debate him. This Harvard graduate in public health and doctor of medical dentistry has, often enough, left them embarrassed, even stuttering and convulsing, before public meetings and symposium lecterns."
If he did 'beat' me, he was 'beating' a kid. Not a high level anything.

The reverse of that was also in my advantage. If I 'beat' him, he was beaten by a kid. Not some 'smooth talking pharma shill.'

Im really really glad you enjoyed it!

Kris-- Youll love it :D He accused me of being an Antidentite (do you get Seinfeld in Denmark?)

Kristjan Wager said...

Yes, we do get Seinfeld in Denmark (I'm sure they get it deep in the Ural mountains).

As I said, I'm looking forward to listening to the debate between you and mr. dentist.

infidelguy said...

Hee-hee.. well it's available now. Download NOw

I apologized to Mr. Horowitz for giggling in the end. But a Nasal spray that can cure a systemic disease like Sars? I'm sure we have Nasal sprays that can do wonders for some diseases.. but I doubt Horowitz (a dentist) would be able to write me a prescription. :) I must read up more about this nasal spray. I admit, I could be dead wrong on this one.

Anonymous said...

This is anon again (Baronben666)
yeah the fact you were a student really drove home that his material was weak, it showed even a clever science "student" could walk all over the arguments.

I made a guy at work today listen to the pod cast cause when i told him about Mr Horowitz claiming that HIV as man made, My work mate tried to agree with him. SO anyways your argument convinced him to :D

Baron Ben said...

Holy crap i found my old blogspot account!!! hahah this is "anon" again sorry! I use to write ninja stories when i was living in the canadian rockies last year!!! lol man i was high

ERV said...

Hey Baron! It was nice to meet you in Reggies chat!

hehehe THAT is why only students/laymen should 'debate' Creationists/Deniers/etc. Its always a learning experience for us, its degrading for the Wooer when they get stomped, and it keeps Wooers from 'earning' credibility by debating real scientists.

Hey, and make sure your friend knows he can ask any questions he has here too-- I really do love questions, cause they help me learn, and help me know what you guys what to know :)