Thursday, March 22, 2007

Welcome Comrades!

Looks like Im not the only one who was... 'inspired'... by the trolls at Aetiology/Respectful Insolance/Pharyngula/etc. Ah those guys over at ScienceBlogs are spawning blog-children left and right!

Big welcome to!!

I already like them:

HIV/AIDS Denialism - seems to feed into some egomania of this particular type of denialist. They frequently make statements about how one day they'll be vindicated, and seen as heroes because they saw the truth first. They also seem to really like inversions, and to feel superior because they believe in something that no one else does. Other conspiracy theorists, such as 9/11 conspiracy theorists, I think are similar. There is an egotistical appeal to possessing "secret" knowledge or holding controversial opinions. Basically, I'm calling them assholes.

My sentiments exactly!

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