Saturday, March 24, 2007

Roving Bands of Trolls

Ugh Blogger butchers this image, but I love this cartoon.


Kristjan Wager said...

Nice. Of course, some of us can only long for even a goblin venturing into our blogs.

BTW speaking of trolls - how many comments are you people trying to get in that thread at Tara's place? I've given up following it - I can only stand the same talking points from lincoln, pat, and kevin twenty or thirty times. Now, I just scroll by.

ERV said...

I think the record is about 600. Im hoping to beat that. Common man, keep posting! You can do it! hehe!

Ive only had drive-by trolls here. The one Denier that tried to post ran off :(

Kristjan Wager said...

Well, got sucked back in *sigh*

I wonder when Tara will loose patience with us all, and ban the lot of us.

ERV said...

You know what I think is really strange, though? It looks like her trolls are contained. Like they have been attenuated to the 'Aetiology' environment and cant function anywhere else.

Not one has come over here (and stayed). Youd think if they had the ability to survive outside the Aetiology environment, they would come over here to defend Culshaw/ALVs/etc... But they dont.

hehehe Make a Denier vaccine out of Taras Trolls.

ERV said...

Hey I will say this of Trolls-- They are great learning tools for students/amateurs. I have learned a LOT about HIV correcting Deniers (and a lot about evolution by correcting Creationists, back in college). Its even better when there are knowledgeable mentors around (eg Tara, Brian Foley, etc) to correct the students/amateurs.

When properly contained, Trolls can be useful.

Kristjan Wager said...

But what do you do if there is a leak? The trolls might spill over into unprotected territory, and disrupt carefully balanced ecosystems.