Friday, March 02, 2007

New Lab Member!

WHOOO!! Boss and the PI next door are teaming together to bring a post-doc into my lab! Theyre collaborating on a super cool project, but my lab is literally me and Boss. Thats it. Needless to say Ive been feeling a bit stressed lately, due to the lack of help and huge projects on our plate right now.

And its not just ANY post-doc-- Its a gentleman that I worked with before during my first internship in college! Hes going to mesh so well with Boss and I, being laid back personally and a hard worker professionally.

On top of it all, we can bring him in due to my impending pay slash (experienced lab assistant--> grad student, ugh) which means that we wont have the $$ to bring in another grad student until after we get another RO1 (not until after my big project is published this summer/fall) which means that I am officially going to be Bosses First Grad Student! WHOOOO!!

Im weirdly possessive about this :P

Im just really glad to see this collaboration get off the ground, too. Combining our labs experience with the evolution of HIV with the other PIs experience with the immune system, we might have a way to figure out how to increase the efficacy of currently manufactured HIV vaccines. Or we might have shit. No way to find out without doing the experiments! Yay!!!

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