Thursday, March 01, 2007

Last Denier post for a while, I swear!

I kindly thank you readers for putting up with this string of Denier postings-- Im trying to prep for Reggies show, and this blog has been a great outlet for me to solidify my thoughts :)

Im sure all defenders of Evolution are familiar with this next Creationist-Denier similarity I missed (thanks Gos!)-- Cant debate Deniers because theyre parrots, cant CANT debate Deniers because then they WIN!

I consider it my responsibility as a HIV researcher, as a biologist, as a scientist, to educate the general public on those issues. Tax-payers pay for my grants, and since The Man wont let journals be public access, I feel it is also part of my job to explain what I do to the public. If I were addressing the public at large right now, this would be a very different conversation, but currently I am addressing a particular Denier that wants to 'discuss' science. He 'knows' more than the entire scientific community, therefore it is not necessary for me to do any more than explain the protocol used to result in this image. Im sure he will have no trouble explaining the image to other readers, and explaining to me why Im wasting my time/others lives/tax-payers money and how his hypothesis better explains the data.

Chimeric pNL4-3 plasmids were constructed by replacing the C2-V4 region of env with patient sequences sampled at various time-points over +5 years. Cos-1 cells were labeled with S35 24 hours post transfection. Supernatants were collected 24 hours post labeling-- viruses pelleted in the standard manner and IPed with patient sera. Lane 1 Mock, Lane 2 wt, Lanes 5-->Chimeric.*

Okay, Gos, 'discuss science'. Explain this image to everyone, what I think it means, what you think it means, and how the Denier position explains this data.

*Im not telling you what Lanes 3 and 4 are. Thats super secret.


Gerald said...

All I can do is wish you luck on the show.

ERV said...

I havent the faintest idea when it will be, but this crash course has been helpful :P

Are you enjoying this discussion about 'the science'? LOL!

sadunkal said...

Hi Abbie, if that is what I think it is -or even if not-, I guess that the position of the HIV skeptics can be understood through this text: