Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Intelligent Design Creationists INSISTING They are Dumber than High Schoolers

Fodder brought to you by the same ID Creationists that led to the ID vs ERVs series.

I was wondering how IDCs were going to react to this asshole getting fired. Wonder no longer!

If the Sisters parents, teachers, and public school administrators
are so '"enlightened," why isn't he aware that creationism and ID
are two quite distinct propositions? That AiG is a creationist
website? That many AiGers are as anti-ID as they are?

What difference does it make whether the teacher used AiG source
material? Isn't what's important whether or not the source
material is scientifically correct, not the source or the content
of AiG's mission statement?

(re above comment)
Well, that's what Dean Kenyon, Nancy Bryson, Caroline
Crocker, etc, etc., and several public high school
biology teachers did, and they all paid the price.

As Richard Lewontin, for one, has honestly acknowledged,
"The primary problem is not to provide the public with
the knowledge of how far it is to the nearest star and
what genes are made of.... Rather, the problem is to get
them to reject irrational and supernatural explanations
of the world, the demons that exist only in their
imaginations, and to accept a social and intellectual
apparatus, Science, as the only begetter of truth.... We
exist [solely] as material beings in a material world,
all of whose phenomena are the consequences of material
relations among material entities.

It's not science or reason that drives Darwinists to
deny God's handiwork...

Anymore, American Christians are resident aliens.

It would have been more interesting and instructive if
the teacher had been able to introduce scientific
facts not linked to any particular organization but
linked to research papers. For example, a teacher
could cite the information rich nature of nucleic
acids in some detail and then let it be known that we
have never observed the formation of a single
information rich nucleic acid except those templated
from already existing information laden NAs in
biological processes involving organisms. (This
includes living organisms known as scientists who with
planning and forethought deliberately manipulate NA
within or extracted from living organisms. For the
purpose of this post viruses are considered
"organisms."). Implications of this are significant
for life's origins.


These messages were taken from a small IDC only board. Not like there were fence-sitters around to sway. Who are they trying to kid?

"ID isnt Creationism!!"....... Did he not get the Wedge memo?? How??

"Deny Gods handiwork..."......... Did she not get the memo about IDC not being religion? *WINK!*

"Would have been more interesting if the teacher had linked to science..." ...... Do ya not know IDC, or any Creationist for that matter, have not done any research to support their religious views?

These are the Usual Parrot Squawks, but I didnt realize they just sat around squawking at each other.


Kristjan Wager said...

Don't they know how many of the major players in the ID crowd were Creationists before the DI came around? Didn't the understand the implications of the fact that Of Pandas and People was changed from refering to Creationism to Intelligent Design? How stupid do they think we are?

Argh. The stupidty.... it burns

It's like reading the AIDS deniers over at Tara's blog. They keep repeating the same talking points over and over and over and over again.

Isn't such gross stupidity curable?

ERV said...

lol Yeah that Nick Denier came over here to start trouble first, but duke scared him off.

Then he went over to Taras site, and I corrected him with ERV material I already wrote for Creationists.

Then he went over to ANOTHER board I post at every once in a while, tried to start trouble, and ran off.

Same talking point over and over and over... long after he was corrected.

hehehe "cdesign proponentsists" I think that is my favorite Evolution Pawnage of all time.