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ID vs ERVs-- Part Five: ERV on ERVs

How does UD do it? How do they fit so much crap into a single post? Uuuuuuuugh! Its going to take me forever to clean this up! But, Im ERV. If anyone is going to clean up a UD ERV crapfest, its me. So Im going to hack at this bit by bit.

ID Creationists want ERVs to be functional very badly. Sure Im biased, but I think ERVs are the bane of ID Creationists existence. All these exogenous bits of DNA randomly integrated themselves into genomes in a pattern that just-so-happens to look like descent with modification. ERVs are damning evidence against any Creationism, but ID Creationists hate them specifically because ERVs beautifully illustrate the ability of evolution to take whatever bits it is given to mutate them into SOMETHING interesting. Takes 'Irreducible Complexity' and unevolvability and throws them right out the window. Evolution is a fucking MacGyver making placentas out of a chunk of retrovirus and a stick of Wrigley's Spearmint Gum!!!

But UD didnt want to talk about that. They want to slander T.O. Ugh, okay, fine-- what horribly horribly wrong things did T.O. say about ERVs, UD?

TO-- Endogenous retroviruses are molecular remnants of a past parasitic viral infection. Occasionally, copies of a retrovirus genome are found in its host's genome, and these retroviral gene copies are called endogenous retroviral sequences.

Essentially all of these endogenous retroviruses contain mutations that would disrupt the function of their genes, as would be expected if they inserted millions of years ago with no selective pressure to maintain the function of the genes.

UD. UD, that phrasing looks awkward. UD, you didnt cut and paste two phrases from different articles and paste them together like thats how they were originally written, did you?
Awwwwwwwwww goddammit! Fine fine fine whatever. Theyre both from T.O. *rolleyes* Whats youre 'rebuttal', UD?
UD-- "Human tissues that lack HERV transcription could not be found..."
Yes. Transcripts. Functional ERVs would mean that they could find viral particles circulating within humans. Youre not proving T.O. 'wrong' with that paper.

UD-- "In particular, a class of endogenous retroviruses, known as endogenous retroviruses related to Jaagsiekte sheep retrovirus or enJSRVs, are critical during the early phase of pregnancy when the placenta begins to develop."
Yeah, thats env. Syncytia. Again, thats not a functional ERV. Thats a gene that used to be retroviral that was co-opted by the host organism for a job.

UD-- "Indeed, the LTR is the dominant promoter in the colon, indicating that this ancient retroviral element has a major impact on gene expression"
UD, do you not know the difference between an LTR and an ERV? You would have if you actually READ the T.O. articles you quoted. Its just another part of ERVs, like env is. Its just a part thats been co-opted. ERVs are not functional.

UD actually wrote this next part, as opposed to copy/pasting or pirating:
UD-- Admittedly, most of the scientists involved in the above studies of Endogenous Retroviruses still assume that they were parasites that somehow were incorporated into the genome with functional roles. However, since many of these perform similar functions in different species, one cannot prove common descent based upon the idea that shared retroviruses are shared errors.
What? I understand thats English, I recognize the English words, but does that make sense to anyone? Seems like UD is just getting lazy, "Ive copy/pasted 8 pages of shit, they arent going to notice if I dont make sense! These people are too dumb to know Im bullshitting!"

I have no idea why UD even TRIED to address ERVs. It doesnt take a molecular biologist to figure out what would happen if endogenous retroviruses were functional!

Every cell in your body has the same DNA, its just differentially expressed in different tissues. Whats going to happen if every cell in your body starts making viruses? Retroviruses? Imagine what happened in the SCID study... TIMES 10 TRILLION CELLS. Times the number of ERVs in your DNA (lots.)!!! Ugh do Creationists ever think??

More importantly, what kind of opinion do they have of their followers to treat them like idiots? "Im going to bullshit you because I know youre too dumb to know any better."

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