Friday, March 16, 2007

I can writes GOOD!

The past few weeks Ive been trying my hardest to write the intro for my paper. Im about 99.8% certain my boss already has one written, but hes having me do it to practice, and to get me more familiar with the literature relevant to our research (normally you would do a literature review before you started doing the research, but I kinda jumped into this project after it was already up and running). I knew this draft wasnt perfect, but I thought it was *kinda* good?

ROFL! Not ONE sentence was left unaltered! HAHAHAHAHA!

Boy I sure loved my liberal arts school. I even took like 8 'writing intensive' courses (we only *had* to take three or four). But I guess 'extended metaphors' and 'alliteration' are frowned upon in scientific journals :P



Dr. Duke said...

Maybe an Intelligent Man could help???

Why do they always give it a male persona??? Could be Intelligent Woman, no??

Kristjan Wager said...

"But I guess 'extended metaphors' and 'alliteration' are frowned upon in scientific journals"

So that's why the ID crowd never gets published!

ERV said...

drpsduke-- Nope, cant be female! Virulent male deities make up for ID Creationists... ahem... 'impotencies'.

HAHAHA! I know how to fix my paper now!! "HIV is like a mouse trap..."

I am continually surprised that the ID Crowd hasnt latched onto HIV. Not only is it a perfect virus, there are lots of great analogies for its parts. The heavy glycosylation of env is like a "Romulan cloaking device". Reverse Transcriptase is like "A partially deaf stenographer." Hellovalot cooler than 'turbines' and 'outboard motors'.

Kristjan Wager said...

Well, several of theID crowd are AIDS-deniers, so they can't really use HIV as an example, can they?

ERV said...

And Cretionists dont like homosexuals or black people.

But I still wouldnt be surprised :P