Saturday, March 17, 2007

How much more clueless could Engor be?

And the answer is none. None more clueless.

I mean, Id like to write an 'objection' piece to Engors 'replies'... but whats there? 'We dont need evolution for comparative anatomy!!' Well, I already answered that, a long time ago... And my observations are hardly novel. 'Genetics isnt evolution!!' Well, yeah it is. I already replied to that too.

This is the best Creationists have. Chin up, Creationist Kids! One day you, too, can be laughed at by someone a third your age, just like Engor! His present is the best possible future you have to look forward to, if you want to be a Creationist physician!

Unless, of course, you pay attention in school. Then you might, you know, use evolution to cure a few kinds of cancer or something. No, why would you want to do that when you could be an Engor.

Stupid and depressing.

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