Monday, March 19, 2007

hehehehe Another kid smarter than UD

Okay, he might object to me calling him a kid, but he shouldnt. I consider myself a kid (happens when everyone you work with are geniuses 3 times your age, you always feel like a little kid).

Anyway, after UD butchered ERVs, heres an 18 year old kid who 'gets it'. Intelligent Design was 'born' approximately the same year as Chris, ~1989, with 'Of Pandas and People'. Look at what one kid thinking for 18 years can become. Compare that to what ID has done in the past 18 years.

I just think thats kinda ironic.

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Kristjan Wager said...

Well, given the fact that you are hardly more than a kid yourself, I can't see how he can complain about you calling him a kid. Thanks for linking to his blog - looks interesting.