Tuesday, March 20, 2007

HAAAAHAHA Even YOUNGER kids smarter than UD!

14-18 year old high school kids slam ID Creationist teacher.

And theyve got their parents support.

"I'm here to tell you that I am absolutely outraged to the deepest level of my bones that this curriculum, that this study session, was allowed to be presented to our families and our children without anybody looking over anybody's shoulder, and I would like to know how this occurred and why it occurred and what remedies the board has," said parent Dan Harrison.

And theyve got their school boards support.

By a vote of three to one, with one member abstaining because of a lack of background information, the board terminated the employment of the probationary, part-time teacher.

"I think Mr. Helphinstein wasn't teaching good science... I think his performance was not just a little bit over the line. I think it was a severe contradiction of what we trust teachers to do in the classroom," said board member Jeff Smith.

Good job, all around!

Keep an eye on the comments section-- looks like the Creationists are already weighing in :P Should be entertaining!

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