Monday, March 12, 2007


I dont think Dawkins reads my blog*, so this is safe here-- but dont ruin the surprise.

March 10, 2007


We're going to be creating a birthday present for Richard Dawkins' birthday, March 26th. We would love for you to incorporate your message into the gift!

Please CLICK HERE to enter your birthday message to Richard!

(It's a secret link, unconnected from the regular website)

If you have a creative birthday image or video you'd like to include in the birthday gift, please email it to with 'RD birthday stuff' in the subject line. Maybe fun or creative images of you with your copy of The God Delusion? Maybe in an interesting setting? Maybe you can get a video of yourself with all your friends at a pub singing happy birthday to Richard Dawkins? Everyone in your class/office/megachurch/whatever? Be creative!

PLEASE DO NOT post this info in the forum or in the comments. We don't want Richard stumbling upon it and seeing it before his birthday! He's not on this mailing list, so I think we're safe here. I'm also going to post some myspace bulletins, I don't think he looks at those. Maybe some of you internet rockstars out there could help us covertly spread the word?


Josh Timonen

*And if Richard Dawkins does read my blog, Im going to go throw up. I cant handle that kind of pressure.

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