Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Westerns. My mortal enemy.

For a chick that has 'Westerns' listed as her favorite movies, its kind of funny that Western Blots are going to be the death of me. Every day for the past few weeks, Ive dutifully gone to work, run my Westerns, and been disappointed. Sure Ive been doing other things, and those other things are going GREAT!

... But the Westerns never work. Like a dark cloud that follows me around the lab. No matter how great everything else is going, BAM, Western looks like shit.

Im going to jinx myself by saying I think I really, really got it to work today. If it works again tomorrow, Ill let myself be happy. But heres a big thank you to Al in the lab next door, who has been helping me trouble-shoot through this whole ordeal. If I would have followed the exact protocol he wrote in the first place, I might not have had this much difficulty :( Gotta learn to trust other peoples protocols.

Edit, 2-14-07: The western blots officially work. Not only do they work, they are PERFECT. Finally. Fuck.

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