Saturday, February 03, 2007

The Roller Coaster Never Stops

This is how scientific research gets you addicted. Last week was terrible. I mean, I actually got drunk last Saturday because I was so upset. And just when I hit the lowest of my low-- BAM! Im up again! I got the Westerns working *rolleyes*. Alpha-tubulin and TBS with the proper pH fixed that problem. But I got another HUGE result:

Arg those dont show up very well. Well, heres a description-- Those are cells that have been infected by an HIV virus whos genome contains either an added GFP or a dsRED gene. When those viruses infect a cell, they take over the cells machinery to make HIV proteins (now including the fluorescent proteins), and more HIV genomes (which will still contain the fluorescent protein gene). So a cell gets infected, it glows. It makes more HIV viruses that go on to infect more cells, which will also glow. Etc etc etc. Blogger has no resolution on the pics, so here is a close up of a red syncytia:

When youre in a low, you know there is a high coming up around the corner. You just dont know when-- so you keep going, just sure that the next experiment you perform will work and be fantastic. When it doesnt work, youre devistated. But man, when it does work, when you figure out what the problem is and the ball starts rolling, when you get beautiful pics that are better than you were hoping for, its worth all the pain :)

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