Friday, February 23, 2007

Magnets and Miracles

I often say that nothing I do, nothing in modern medicine, would make sense without evolution. What can I say, its true. And its a fact that bothers Creationists. It bothers them because while finch beaks and octopus eyes are difficult things for Average Joe to relate to, everyone has an Aunt Mary that had a heart attack, dealt with Dads therapy after a stroke, worried over little Billys leukemia... I try to make it very clear in my presentations to the public exactly how I use evolution to help them, and why I need public support and quality science education for children. Its amazing how less Creationist Average Joe Creationists get when they realize how evolution relates to them.

So Creationists spend a good deal of time trying to say that medicine would be JUST FINE without evolution. Theres certainly no shortage of Creationist MDs, and they operate JUST FINE. Anyone who says modern medicine is based firmly on evolution is a liar! A point Gas-Bag #2 is all too happy to make in his little speech.

People threw spears before they knew about aerodynamics and gravity. People could use magnets before they understood magnetism. And people could use animals to study features of human anatomy before they knew about evolution. But thats not an argument against evolution being the foundation of modern medicine.

Which is better: Picking heart transplant donors by heart size, or picking a heart transplant donor based on understanding the evolution of the immune system?

Which is better: Testing drugs on humans straight from the chem lab, or using evolution to create transgenic animals to test the drugs on first?

Which is better: Cutting out tumors and praying to Jesus you get better, or combining multiple therapeutic approaches based on evolution to permanently remove tumors?

In Creationists world where medicine is not based on evolution, we are randomly stumbling upon 'right' answers, without ever understanding why theyre right, or how we can make right answers even better. We're missing right answers that are within our technological reach.

Whatever. Creationists can say medicine isnt based on evolution all they want, aint gonna make it true.

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