Saturday, February 10, 2007

ID vs ERVs-- Part One: Intro

How does UD do it? How do they fit so much crap into a single post? Uuuuuuuugh! Its going to take me forever to clean this up! But, Im ERV. If anyone is going to clean up a UD ERV crapfest, its me. So Im going to hack at this bit by bit.

ID Creationists have a habit of picking random nobodies from a pool of Creationists and proclaiming they are geniuses so everyone should listen to them (never mind these geniuses STILL cant publish anything to support their views). Dembski (a nobody before ID Creationism) is the Issac Newton of Information Theory. Mr. 99 is a total nobody, but little kids should look up to him as a successful Creationist 'scientist'. So who did they pick as their super cool resource for ERVs? Andras Pellionisz!!


No, its not just you. Hes a nobody, you arent supposed to have heard of him. Ugh. So what does the esteemed Andras Pellionisz do that would make him an expert on ERVs? He is a, and I quote, "DNA researcher". WTF is a "DNA Researcher"? Thats like what a 7 year old would call a molecular biologist. Jesus. Well, this DNA researcher... is an electrical engineer (please try to hide your surprise that an engineer has a fancy for Creationism). He then went on to get degrees in 'Experimental Biology' (WTF?) and physics. Fantastic. Yes, Mr. Pellionisz, I bet youre just a super "DNA Researcher."

So why did UD pick him? A common argument against design is the rather silly 'design' of our genome. Stretches of CGCGCGCGCGCGCGCGC that go on and on forever, gene duplications that mutated into non-functionality, bits and pieced of retrovirus parts, etc. A while back we didnt know as much about our genome as we do now, so researchers called these silly bits 'junk DNA'. People used to think that genes that encoded proteins were the only important parts of our genome. However, when it became apparent that too many weird repeats can cause disease (eg Huntington's), ERV bits contribute to the transcription of protein coding genes, and other bits of 'junk' were parts of previously unknown biological processes (eg siRNA), most people stopped using the term 'junk DNA' and started using the term 'noncoding DNA'. The term 'junk DNA' cant even be found in my Introductory Genetics or Human Molecular Genetics textbooks.

Heres where ID Creationists come into the picture. Since Creationists dont actually, you know, do anything, they have to leech off real research and pretend it supports their religion. Their hypothesis is that every little base pair is special and designed by their unnamed 'designer' (Not God. **WINK!**). So therefor whenever a bit of 'junk DNA' finds a purpose, AH HA! EVIDENCE AGAINST EVOLUTION! Theyve chosen Nobody #9284577934, Mr. DNA Researcher, because hes all sad no one in the biological world listens to a word he says. Mr. DNA insists that 'junk DNA' isnt really 'junk DNA', but no one, oh NO ONE will listen to him except the ID Creationists! Let me say this loudly, so Mr. DNA can hear:


"WAAAAAAAIT ERV!" you readers might try to say, "Junk DNA really isnt just junk DNA! Hes right! You just said that yourself" NO! Hes NOT! Hes like a dude running around a chemistry department screaming "Atoms arent the smallest unit of matter! Atoms are made of smaller parts! WHY IS NO ONE LISTENING TO ME???" Everyone is 'dismissive' of him because his 'big revelation' is something everyone already knows.

To pull this back to UDs 'argument', 'junk DNA' might have 'function', but that is in no way an argument against evolution or an argument for fairies or gods. And, the original argument that our genome is put together in a ridiculous fashion is absolutely valid. Creationists admit this themselves (I refer readers to 'The Pinto Argument', care of Casey Luskin).

Noncoding DNA is not an argument for ID Creationism in any way/shape/form.

Up next, Part 2: Dawkins and TO are LIARS!! *rolleyes*


David Marjanović said...

Theyve chosen Nobody #9284577934

Nine billion?!? I really hope they don't have that many nobodies!

ERV said...

I knoooooow! I dont know where/how they find these people!!!