Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Great Alma Mater News!!!

Wow I had another crappy day in the lab-- but I got great news about my alma mater! As I was online getting the office numbers of the professors who wrote me letters of recommendation for grad school (to send thank-you notes), I noticed the name of our one Creationist biology faculty member was absent from the faculty list!

I never had him for a class because his course list was curiously restrictive (well, that and fuck if Im paying tuition for a Creationist professor): one upper level specific to his PhD, a section of a senior discussion group, and... a few sections of biology for non-majors (the very people who need a sharp, firm, fast understanding of evolution)... *pause for you to bang your head against the keyboard* But friends of mine did sign up for his courses before they knew of his stance. He wasnt just a Creationist. He would open every lecture with a Bible quote. Religion and anti-sex was fused in to all of his presentations. And to top it off, he was a terrible professor. One of my friends took the senior class with him. Senior discussion was just where you and a few other seniors would meet for one hour once a week, the prof made sure you had someplace to go when you graduated, and youd chat about a topic. I took a biotechnology discussion group, my friend took a 'lifes origins' discussion group with Creationist. I asked him how it was going one day in pharmacology. He blinked and said, "As bad as you think it is: Its worse than that."

Well DING-DONG! The Creationist is gone! YAAAAAAAAY! Smarmy thing evidently retired last Spring! Gawd Ive been feeling so embarrassed about my old Uni having a Creationist biology faculty member, and hes been gone for almost a year! WHOOOOOO!!

There were many times in undergrad when I would vent to my research mentor, "WHY is he a biologist? WHY is he a teacher??? WHO HIRED HIM?? **SCREAM!!**", but youll hear no agonized screams from me over who theyve hired to take over his classes: two young ones from WashU! And get this-- A nice homosexual fellow (whom I got to meet while I was still in school) who does HIV research and a young woman who does Alzheimer's research! WHOOOOOOOOOO!!

Basically the one thing that I didnt like about my Uni is gone, and the replacements more than make up for the initial embarrassment! WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!


Jonathan said...

There was a LOT of cheering in KV when he retired. Of course, he still makes it over to the med school to present his feelings on global warming being a load of crap. Grrrrrr.... Hope you're doing great :~)

ERV said...


Yeah when Im looking for information on climatology, the first person I go to is a herpetologist.


And yeah Im doing great! Cant wait to start grad school to do this crazy stuff forever!
Im glad to see youre surviving med school!