Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Denier Behaving Badly

Oh Dear! It seems I forgot one similarity between Deniers and Creationists! Thankfully, Dear Gos reminded me of a neat similarity: theyre both scared shitless of people who know what theyre talking about.
How do they combine their fear with their arrogance? Why, talking behind peoples backs, of course!

You all might remember that it was a Comment Blocking from 'Intelligently Sequenced' that prompted my ID vs ERVs series. Now it looks like after a friend posted my article on a Skeptics board he frequents, a Denier thought it necessary to respond.

Not on my blog, of course-- that would require confidence in your views and your ability to defend your views. And you know... balls. But thats okay! Ill discuss his 'rebuttal' here anyway!

Like with Creationists, Average Joes think they have to have some sort of extensive training to address the (deadly) silliness of Denialism. Mr. Gos just proved my point for me: Disarm the Crazy by addressing the dishonest tactics. Anybody can do this.

Tactic 1: ARRRRRRRG! Pirating Research!

Gallo himself, in his original 1984 papers on HTLV-III (HIV), could not seem to find HIV in approximately two out of three patients he studied with AIDS or "pre-AIDS" conditions. So how did the other 2/3rds of the patients he studied manage to get AIDS, if they didn't have HIV?

Tactic 2: Dissenters from Darwinism, Dissenters from HIV/AIDS Dogma
I've got an ace to trump your queen: A PhD in mathematical biology who spent 10 years in HIV research, until only last year when she publicly "quit HIV", when she could no longer fight the urge to stand up and shout, "BULLSHIT!". Her name is Rebecca V. Culshaw, PhD, but your friend knows her as "Cunt Culshaw". Your friend is REAL mature -- I can certainly see why you place so much stock in her scientific opinion.

To learn why Dr. "Cunt" Culshaw "quit HIV", why not read the story from her own pen? You can find it at:

Tactic 3: Science supporters cant talk about science

Whoa! This girl's got some pretty impressive credentials! She's a research assistant in the Midwest (that global hub of science) who has been involved in HIV research for a whole 3 years, and she's currently working on Baby's first paper ever! Oooooh, I'm quaking in my denialist boots!

Tactic 4: Good old fashioned temper tantrums

I'll be posting shortly to address the obvious shortcomings in your friend's "article" in that prestigious medical journal,, but for the meantime suffice to say that her comparison between yours truly and a Creationist reveals far more about her than it does about me -- after all, the most she can seem to do is to ridicule my beliefs, apparently being utterly unable to shoot the science down, and this is a favorite tactic of (guess who?) Christian missionaries.

....And that's gonna wrap up this edition of the Heretic's Diatribe. Tune in next time when I trounce "doctor" Smith's "Five Tactics" comedy routine.

Tactic 5: Stick with what 'works'
HIV has never been *proven* to exist
HIV has never been *proven* to cause AIDS
Well, let me ask you something: When you see an immunosuppressed patient whose body is crawling with all sorts of opportunistic infections, bacterial, fungal, and viral, how do you prove that *one* of these is the cause and all the others are effects of the disease?
the existence of such kooks rarely if ever suggests that the US Government is actually telling the truth about a given subject -- it just so happens that more often than not, it is the existence of obvious government lies that attracts the attention of such people.
Since 1999, the #1 killer of AIDS patients is liver failure.

Thanks for the rebuttal, Gos! If someone other than you asks why Culshaw is a Cunt (C-U-N-T. CUNT.) I will happily explain, and if someone other than you wants to understand why everything under #5 is idiotic (I-D-I-O-T-I-C. IDIOTIC.) I will happily oblige. But you were just pwnd by the very list you were 'refuting.' Theres nothing I can say to you to bring you back to reality.

You know more than the entire scientific community, Gos. You and the Creationists.


Anonymous said...

SA wrote: "If someone other than you asks why Culshaw is a Cunt (C-U-N-T. CUNT.) I will happily explain, and if someone other than you wants to understand why everything under #5 is idiotic (I-D-I-O-T-I-C. IDIOTIC.)"

What's the matter, "Doctor" Smith, are you afraid of debating a layperson and getting your ass handed to you?

I'm sure you can keep up the name-calling all day, but can you debate the science with someone you claim is an idiot?

--- Gos

ERV said...

You arent an idiot. Your claims are idiotic. You dont know how to defend yourself against these claims, which isnt your fault in the slightest.

Your arrogance, however, is your fault, and why I cant help you.